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April 3, 2016

you will be the master of your own destiny. This week you are helping someone else to grow and are supporting their work by being their biggest fan.For some of you careful with the new loves or love opportunity coming in because it’s during the mercury retrograde. Not the best energy for new love.This is a great energy for those of you in social media. Your work maybe shared around social media.This week, something is going to click inside you to help you grow your business or get what you want
The cards show love relationships coming into focus and decisions coming up in regards to those love relationships. I feel at this time you are planning and thinking really hard about which direction you want to go in regards to love. There could be power struggles this week because someone is being stubborn and not open minded to changes coming up.Show humility this week, and do on to others as you shall have done on to you. I do see this being a difficult week in dealing with people in your life. At the same time this is a great week for getting what you want
This would be a great week letting your voice be heard in a group or at work, because people are more willing to listen to what you have to say.For some of you , it does show you battling with others this week.Careful with other people in regards to money because someone maybe trying to talk you out of yours. This person maybe someone karmic and this is you having an opportunity to close past life karma. By saying “no” to this person . Great time for career new doors begin to open also a great energy for getting a job
This week you are trying to stay on a saner path.Relationships in general are in the focus especially when dealing with a particular person in your life this week.This is a popular energy time and a fun time to get your flirt on. With this energy , for some of you may not be over a recent someone in your life. This emotional longing maybe preventing other love opportunities from coming in. At this time working on mourning this relationship and moving on. Your training at work or your creative studies at this time represent financial security
During this peaceful week you’ll find your true calling in life.Your higher consciousness a thing of valuable insight for your journey ahead as well as for those around you. Your emotional desire to get what you want blinds you to everything that you already have. You could lose it all to gain one specific goal, be it a lover or a career promotion, no matter; it will come at a great cost. Good surprise with love relationships can happen , like popping the question, MAZEL. This week your love life is going to be improve. I also feel with this energy you are an example to others. You inspire them
I see someone from your past coming back the cards want you to know .They don’t like this person for you. I do see this person coming back because things in their life have become difficult or complicated.Careful with your decisions that you make this week. Because its not just affecting you and the other person but the people around you. Also you maybe accused of stealing or something to that affect this week.With this energy there is opportunities with love but this person may not be someone you are interested in .
Major changes are coming. If your playing on the fence with a situation you may have to pick a team. Major decisions are coming up this week, also for some maybe confused at this time or at a cross roads.This is a great time for prayer or meditation to see better into your journey. Shows a big improvement in your life is coming this week.This is a great time , if you choose to follow down a path of inspiration.With this energy it’s a good idea to follow your hunches now
The arguments coming up this week will be about either property or money.The money problems are going to be the reason a relationship of yours end. Also careful with other people because they maybe manipulating your feelings.This is a great time for financial growth for those of you in partnerships. I do see love relationship coming up and you may have a deep emotional connection to this person.You need to be careful with your emotional self because your making some major decision off of your emotional response. For some of you money worries maybe making you feel sorry for yourself. Try to work your way out of the poor man’s thinking and work your way back up to abundance.
Watch out at work people maybe trying to take credit for your work.Keep your feet planted when it comes to your dreams and be realistic about what you can do with them at this time.A crossroads has been reached and that there can be no going back. You are confronted with choosing or rejecting hope. The decisions you make and actions you take will be of particular importance in the short and long term. The energy this week certain situations are going to be clarified also you may discover the truth to a situation. Becareful what you wish for, you just might get it this week
There are plans to travel or travelling coming up this week.I do see a turn of events happening and you maybe walking from people in your life, or you might be making changes with in the self after these events.The trouble you have gone through and sees to it that your suffering will be short and a recovery of what you had prior to your unfortunate choices is coming soon.Your plan to gain control is well thought out and should work better than you imagined. For some of you , you maybe training or collaborating with someone who has more experience in regards to your career field
The burden or stress you are going through may have to be carried a while longer but the cards are showing me it’s worth it.For some of you the energy is going to be quiet this week because its a time for recovery.The chance to break free and create a new reality will be a success.You are slowly falling for a person’s lies, and this self-neglect may cost you your money and much of your credibility with friends and family.Careful with who you help this week and it’s okay to say “NO”.
I see confrontations happening this week . Angry words all around and understand that the silence offered by this card will be your greatest weapon. To not respond to a verbal attack is the ultimate response because the attacker does not get the confrontation he or she so demanded. You have allot of good happening to you this week. At the same time , I see you talking about your good and receiving allot of jealousy and resentment. It’s best to keep your good news to yourself to prevent the evil eye. Also let them find out through word of mouth or let them see it for themselves.


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