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April 13, 2016


You can positively relate to people by searching your feelings and being objective, thereby resolving some of the alienation that you are experiencing.You need emotional support as well as practical and immediate answers. Learn patience and perseverance.


Moon in your first house, watch for mood swings today. You may wanting to speak to older people you know , because you feel at this time you relate better to them.You know how to channel your emotions into something more productive or constructive to do


Moon enters your 12th house ,you could be a bit more quite and to yourself . The moon is forming a beautiful fire trine today. This is a great energy to move forward with your ideas. Your thoughts become things today for better or worst.


This is a beautiful energy for creative endeavors, or for getting your way if you want. This is a fun energy time for you today. You maybe making plans for the weekend or enjoying the attention at work.As long as you are in good spirits you are in alignment with what you want.


You know that you’ll benefit from maintaining good relations with those in power and can attract much needed support to further your business success. You may get good advice from an older person or an expert in the field, and this is a good time to gain more insight into how to be successful in your profession


You have a nervous disposition in which your unconscious mind tends to interfere with your conscious mind. Your allowing petty things to affect your good energy.Even with two trines with energy you maybe your own worst enemy.When it comes to getting what you want


You often feel angry and frustrated, causing you to lash out at others for no apparent reason.You need to think about your actions and decisions coming up today. Because you maybe causing allot of oppositions.Try to make decisions that will be in the benefit for everybody not just you.


You need to watch your thoughts today.You are capable of being a great manipulator and are often caught up trying to make things appear a certain way. You are the one who suffers from this tendency the most. You tend to get tied down to a pattern of endless repetition in relationships. You have difficulty in letting go even when a situation is painful.


Compromise and co-operation are two lessons which need to be learned as soon as possible, as well as more inner moderation. Once you achieve a balance between your being receptive to others and your dominating tendencies wanting them to submit to you, then you should find that the quality of your relationships begins to improve in a creative and constructive manner.


Watch your emotional self with the moon in Leo, because you may blow situations at of proportion with this energy. You can’t hide your emotional reactions to people or situations today.Everything seems to conspire to put you in the limelight. You always come off well in a group and manage to get your ideas across.


You have misunderstandings with or separation from an overly indulgent mother. Thoughts and focus maybe on mother or thoughts on the family. Wanting that family connection or feeling.Watch your spending today because you have a go big or go home attitude towards your spending.


You make decisions today based on personal reason or for some of you the emotional self.The urge to form meaningful relationships is generally powerful, but relationships can be as much of a struggle to you as the inner conflicts that you go through. You want too, but at the same time you don’t


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