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May 1, 2016


With the moon in Pisces in the 8th house. You may feel irritated with relying on others to get things done for you. Or even asking for help because your not sure that they’ll come through for you. Watch your reactive self don’t allow one little thing to ruin your whole day


The moon brings about changes with relationships. You may hear some news today about a friend or someone close too you. Also with this energy who ever needs to leave your life at this time let them. For some of you, you thought you knew person and you may see the real person


The moon in the sixth house is forming a T-square. Health concerns can come up with this energy so careful with your health. You maybe put in a situation where you have to everything. You can’t count on others today to show up when you need them.


Careful with going over other people’s head because there could be some drama or power struggles happening. Watch your emotional self because you may over react to situations going in your life. Remember everything is temporary


Certain situations that you’ve been trying to put off or avoid may come to your attention or may need your attention today. Family issues are going to come up reopening old wounds. Watch your emotional self today everything is cause and affect


The moon in Pisces is forming a T-square 3,9,12 watch your emotional self today. Your not very good at keeping your promises at this time. So try not to make any because it’s bad karma. Also with this energy you tend to do your own thing, and this may cause problems with certain relationships


Watch your thoughts today especially in regards to money let go of money worries today. For some of you this is a popular energy time with business or social media. For others the energy may make you a bit restless, You maybe in a place of “Yes”. Careful you maybe putting to much on your plate


You thrive when you are in a positive environment and drama free. You are still a bit hypersensitive and take what others say to you to heart. So try to work on developing tougher skin with this energy. Changes with relationships can happen at this time because you are allowing your emotional self to dictate your situation.


Watch your emotional self , you have more good going on today. But you take things to heart, This is a great time for business and career. Try to go more with the flow today than controlling your situation. Health may flair up today or be the focus


This is a beautiful energy time for you. But you maybe doing to much at this time, or being over the top with plans and get together with others. Family drama is very much emphasized at this time. Even though you may not trying to get yourself involved. You may find others trying to pull you into their drama


Emotional changes are being made at this time for some of you. Changes with certain female relationship can get better during this time, or they may leave at this time. You are showing people what you want them to see and it may have you feeling some type of way


Careful with this energy others may try to take advantage or steal from you. You need to becareful with your actions or what you say to others because they may not be so supportive with your ideas. You have a lot of fight coming your way if you try to do things differently


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