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May 4, 2016


Not the best day to make decisions. You tend to do to much for others . Today problems can a rise or need your attention but your avoid certain issues. May find yourself talking more about the past or delving into bad habits. Because they represent security for you. Try to face your problems today and deal with them


You are more interested in understanding or wanting to understanding the power of the mind , or how certain people in your life work. Today you are being a deliberate creator and surrounding yourself with positive people and situations.


You could be over certain situations in your life, especially in regards to certain people. For some of you this is quitting your job. For others this is cutting out certain people out of your life. Watch your emotional self today because you take what other people say or do personally.


This is a good day to communicate your wants and desires towards others. Also with this energy despite mercury in retrograde , you are able to still move forward with career.Receive help to grow for those in management. For those of you with job interviews a good day for that or getting a call back for a job


For some of you , it’s difficult to get in touch with your feelings especially when dealing with intimate situations. Try to open yourself up to someone close to you. Even though you may not like it because thats ego. The worst part when you do this chances are you might not want that person in your life because thats revealing to much of you


You may get very sentimental today . You may want to get in touch with family members or make plans to get together today or this week. Or you may find yourself talking more about your family and the past


Your communications skills are very strong. You may find yourself winning over people in your life or at least being very convincing when it comes to being right. Your dealing with family members, careful with your emotional response remember everything is cause and effect


This can be busy time with business with the moon in Aries. You maybe a bit more careful with money and watching your spending. For some of you change is happening and you are holding on tightly trying not to change. Go more with the flow today


Watch your emotional self , you are very impulsive with this energy so watch for mood swings. You may feel inspired by environment today to create or to make some changes in your life. You can also tap into this energy by doing something different today or delving more into your hobbies


Beautiful energy, you are very imaginative and being inspired every where you go. This would be a great day for artist, or looking for money making ideas now would be the time to easily tap into that energy.You are in a very creative where you like to be and maybe bit more playful too


Friends may lean on your more for support today, you make a great sympathetic ear. Which you get fulfillment being their for others and helping them through their difficult time. Also with this energy you maybe making plans for the future, or you making plans in general


Ooh some of your friends my hate you today because you don’t want to listen to their problems. You may go walking the other if they have a sad look on their face. If these are the friends that had to listen to you when you went through your stuff. Give them the respect and listen to their stuff , because if you walk away. Or get nasty with them because you don’t want to listen they may snap back


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