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May 9, 2016


You are a bit more picky with who you allow into your life. You are noticing you are better company than the people who you’ve been messing with in the past. I do see you going through trials and tribulations during this time. The cards want you to know that you are protected so keep at peace with your emotional self. You are not going to be as bad off as you think.For some of you updating yourself on your career, or going back to school. It is going to pay itself off. For some of you, you need to becareful with the decisions you are making because everything you do is cause and effect. The effect is losing certain people in your life.


Careful with this energy because I do see fighting going on and trying to make changes in your life. You may have a difficult time making certain changes in your life or allowing others to lead and guide you. The tongue is mightier than the sword because you can’t take back hurt words.You are the doll baby at work and your words are like truth to them . You make allot of sense in what you are trying to sell to them. I feel for some of you love relationships are going to be the focus. I do see some of you trying to break a bad a relationships and others I do see dating other people. Trying to make a decisions which one to pick. A little advice the past has nothing new to say


You may feel some pressures from others be it personal life or work. I feel some ultimatums are being giving to you on things that are expected of you. You maybe going out of your way for others purely out of love for them. I see profits from your passion, if you are a specialist in a particular field, this card combination will bring you success there. Perhaps it is time to start a blog and get to be known as the expert in your area of expertise. Be open minded to change because I see it happening but you stick your heels in the ground. Also this week trust your intuition because it’s going to lead you to some awesome money opportunities


People in your life are leading you on a journey. Instead of holding on to caution or waiting for the past to change it’s mind. Go with the flow at this time and see where they will take you. Everything happens for a reason; this week it’s happening for a reason. This person or people are going to lead you but will you follow? Are you ready for your next journey?Are you open to it? This is something your going to have to want to do. If you want change follow them.I see change happening this week but I see allot of you thinking about it. Because it may not be aligned with what you want. How do you know, and how do you know what you really want?


You may feel overwhelmed this week, you have to much going on in your life. Not enough of you to go around. Be the King and Queen you are and dictate your lackey what you want done and that you need help. You need to work on getting tougher skin and not allowing your temporary situations to affect you. You have more good than bad happening so stop looking at things you can’t control. Start looking at what you have and what you have going on for you. Your troubles with money will manifest more as neuroses rather than an actual harmful situation.Also I see a mastery of a specific area of your life this week


This week you may master events and get exactly what you want . You may make some major changes in your personal life. Also a situation in your life maybe what breaks the camels back this week, and changes are going to happen out of an emotional response. You maybe fighting for your vision of what you want or how things should be in your life. This week you may receive deep personal insight into your journey or life direction. You are diffidently cleaning up the physical house, certain areas of your life like finances or cleaning up the emotional self. By delving more into your spirituality or acknowledging things that you need to change. I feel that some of you know that change is needed and looking at where to start


You may gain some insight on your journey, or confirmation in the direction you need to go on. Your allowing your emotional self to get the best of you. People in your life may see you as a Debbie Downer this week. You have to much good going on in these cards to be focusing on whats not happening. Pull your boots straps up and focus on your good. Despite the energies I do see love happening for some of you this week which will have you feeling better emotional. I also see some of you getting your way with certain situations in your life. I do see for others this is a beautiful time for business or dealing with social media.


Money problems or money worries maybe making you feel sorry for yourself. Try not to be in the poor man’s way of thinking because you are aligning your thoughts with more of what you don’t want. If some of you are dealing with issues with court. The cards want you to know that justice will be done. The cards indicate the best way to deal with your problem or your emotional self. Is to delve more into your passions and into things you like to do . Also you maybe coming up with some resolution with some one else which will prove beneficial


I see your financial situation is getting better this week. For some of you, watch your back keep those : texts, don’t delete message, have people sign off on your work, tape record what you are doing. I see some one throwing your good name in the mud,SCANDALOUS. Not to worry , you have more good happening this week. I do see a life altering experience happening in regards to money for the better or this could be in love for some of you. If you are studying the occult or subjects that are heavy in mysticism I do see you consciousness advancing .


Eat that humble pie because you are not scared to show off where you are going in your life and what you do for a living. Let your work speak for you because it says more than you announcing it. I feel an ex is coming back into the picture for some of you. I feel that you two are not over with but remind mercury is retrograde so hold off till June 04. Before jumping into love relationships at this time. Also trust your intuition this week because you are in the right direction. The direction that you are going in, is a bit new and odd for people to grasp. This is something that maybe trendy five years from now.


The focus is on your relationships this week . For some of you , some one in your life may put you at a rock and a hard place. There are somethings you want to do but if you do than this person is going to say or do something about it. I also see on the job training happening this person can also be the one that decides whether or not you move up. Also I see major changes coming your way so try not to fight the changes. Because it just means for now that part of your life is end but it’s not over with . I feel this is going to be a smooth transition into something new coming up this could be with career or business.


For some of you this week your relationships with certain people in your life may change. I feel you are doing more things in your life to promote peace and you have better self control this week. You are being more discipline on your emotional self maybe even delving more into faith. The universe is going to show you , your way of doing things at this time is paying off. I feel also with this being restrictive with ego that you are going to receive sparks of miracle. Be aligned this week with what you most want.


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