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May 12, 2016


Today relying on others may not be possible and you may have to do things yourself. I feel some of your relationships you lean on more than others. Unspoken boundaries that weren’t talked about before are going to come up. The other person may feel like your taking advantage of them


This is a busy day that can have you coming and going. Balancing your reactions with careful reflection is a challenge. You tend to ignore concerns that are too demanding or too uninteresting. By being considerate of the feeling of others, it is easier to avoid pettiness in your interactions.


Watch your reactive self. You take things personally or zero to what the hell, really quick. Some people today may say your being over emotional or hypersensitive,YIKES. You have a difficult time seeing another person’s point of view.Your not budging on this either. It would be good to see their way but your emotional self, not so much


You are trying to keep the peace today and not fight with anyone. So you are more agreeable with other people.Trying to make everyone happy,just for today. You work well in a fast pace environment. You love to be involve with anything that involves change. You may put the fire under your butt to make it happen


There can be some confusion or some kind of unspoken boundaries in regards to money. I feel talks of money are going to come up. There probably was an agreement or you or the other party may had assume thats how things work. One of you may get a better understanding about this money situation going on today.


You maybe trying to see how much you can get away with.I also see today that there is an opportunity to reconcile love relationships. As long as you are willing to let go of past hurts and to forgive and move on than it should work. This might be a big challenge for you down the road.


You keep work fun. Also for those of dealing with social media , you find new and creative ways today to keep people interested in what you are doing. Careful with this energy with family and friends because you may not be getting along with them at this time. Or you might hear allot of gossip about you today


Careful with this energy, because you can be a bit gullible and fall for sob stories today. Or others may make you feel really bad about their situation when really they just want something from you. Learn to say “No”, and yeah you may look like the enemy but at least you aren’t getting conned into doing anything , you don’t want to do .


Careful with relationships especially friendships boundaries with others are blurred today. With this energy you are more willing to listen to others. You are more willing to work with them instead of fighting with them. You are able to open up a little bit about your sensitive nature which will create better bonding with some relationships


Today you have the energy to make things. Others may rely on you today to help and you are their. Whether they asked for help or not , you are fixing their situation. More involve with other people’s problems today. Just try not to sound so self righteous when your helping others


You need to be like your mutuable sign and bend today. You may feel like others are trying to control you or tell you what to do. They are not , it could be you feel overwhelmed emotionally that it may seem to much. Try to adjust to others and bend for them.


If you’ve been trying to save money, today might be a problem for you. You maybe in better spirits today, and have a happy go lucky attitude with this energy. You appreciate the good friends and close family members who do nourish you and whom you count upon whenever necessary, as you may have the occasion to distinguish your real supporters from the apparent ones


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