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May 18, 2016


Watch your emotional self because you have a t-square 3,6,9. Expect the unexpected try to go more with the flow and try not to control the situations because you’ll make it worst. Try to be more flexible when adjusting to these sudden changes and know that when things settle down again, you’ll feel more emotionally liberated and free from the confines of the past


Pick and choose your battles today because some battles are not worth the energy.Situations going on in your life may have you changing your way of thinking. Putting your life in order will require exercising positive judgment as to how to get the large projects you envision to manifest. Hard work can take its toll on your health.


Not the easiest energy because you are very DIVA and giving DIVA especially when you don’ t get what you want. You seem so intense today, don’t be surprise if other ask whats the matter? Also with this energy expect the unexpected when it comes to family


All eyes are on you today for better or worst. No matter what you do to hide people want to throw you into their drama or get you involve in something. I feel also during this time people want to stick their nose in where it doesn’t belong.


Careful with this energy because you maybe determine to be right, and proving that your right and that may annoy those in authority. Today you may find yourself to be more of a listening ear than anything, so don’t try to fix other people’s problems. More than likely they just want you to sit there and listen


Thoughts of the past is coming back and stirring up situations that you need to learn to let go of. Today give yourself that opportunity to look for the blessing in that situation, and to own your part . Try to work on moving on and getting your closure.


With this energy you know what the public wants, this is a great energy for those of you working in sells or with social media or business. Today you maybe looking for something different and even meeting new and interesting people that add a something of adventure, or a different way of thinking


Keep yourself grounded and out of your head, because you take what other people do or say way to personally. Or your reading into what they are saying a bit more. Don’t assume because you know what they say when you assume.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You are definitely banking on a situation to come through for you today. I feel that compromise can be made but it may not be what you expected to be. Also you are assuming what other people are thinking today. Don’t go assuming . Also with this energy you need to slow down because you have a hard describing the feeling or expressing the real feeling that you are feeling


Your control issues over a situation are going to come up . For some of you , you may get called out at work for being on top of certain people. For others people are going to say something about it today. For some of you , you are looking to fullfill the needs of ego with this energy.


You are not taking certain situations or work very seriously today. You are in a very playful mood, and this may cause problems with others. That want you to take things seriously instead of goofing off. For some of you , people may tell what to do with your life.


Your hiding your feelings. For some of you thoughts of the past or ex is coming or being lonely is affecting to you today. Try even though you may not one. Try to talk about your feelings to other. Just let them you don’t want them to fix your problems you just want them to listen.


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