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June 12, 2016

I’am doing a prayer service on Monday on my youtube Live for 20 minutes 10pm EST.It will be to inject light energy this week, and to send our thoughts for peaceful and peaceful resolution. I will be starting to open around 9:40pm . To see if everyone is there, and also make sure to light white candles and call upon . Those who have passed not recent passing because they are going through their stuff. They can’t talk nor understand yet. Those who have been gone for years call them down to help us Monday to pray.


Beautiful energy going on with you guys tomorrow. Expect some unexpected good new to come your way.Who ever or what ever situation needs to leave or you need to leave. Is the universe way of removing the lesson from your path. Or you may take initiative and remove yourself from a negative situation or person because it’s causing blockages in other areas of your life. I see you receiving recognition from those you normally don’t receive any recognition or pat on the back from. Your accomplishments at work or with goals will be set as an example for others for years to come. For some of you this is a mastery over business.


This week change is coming up try to go more with the flow this week. Because in the end you’ll get your way.The cards are telling me that you need to relax and enjoy your week instead of worrying about things. That are not yet coming to the present or that your worrying over nothing. Also with this energy that you are more isolated and to yourself. This could be the typical bull thing to do , to retreat into your world, and recharge.Others may not understand or like it when you treat. Let them know you need your quiet this week.You need to open your eyes a bit more and watch who you associate yourself with. I feel that you are attracting or have manipulative people in your life. This week you maybe paying the price for their manipulation


I see at this time , you may have some rules and regulations that you have to follow. This can be at work or even in love this week.Also this week you need to acknowledge how far you’ve gotten in your life. You need to acknowledge those people who helped and supported you to get you where you are, it wasn’t all by your own doing. Pick and choose your causes and your battles. Because some of them are good but others are pointless; wont bring about change. Also with this energy you may have to deal with a problem or a situation a bit longer. The cards at the sametime want you to know that you are on the right path. The cards are giving you assurance the load you are carrying is worth carrying. I feel also this week I see some great life decisions happening


This week energy you are getting your life back on track and in order. Your money situations is going to start getting better and your mind set is going to be a bit more positive . If not down right happy this week. I see some thoughts of moving going on this week. For some of you, you may have power over what people can do or say . For others leadership position at work is possible.At work or with someone in your life. There can be power struggles going on , or this can be with court. It’s fine don’t let it stress you out. Because you are more convincing in your argument. If you can’t convince them , then you’ll convince someone else


What ever you’ve been hoping for or wanting to happen is going to happen this week. I feel sparks of miracles or signs that you need is going to be confirmation of your power of faith or the law of attraction. For some of you talks about a temporary separation or break up is coming up. Also for others this can be a trip coming up that is going to separate you and your love. I feel for some of you this week, this can be surprise with love as well. I do see some of you getting asked to get married, MAZEL.Also with this energy this week, you are battling a convincing liar. So try to keep everything with person in a text or email. Try not to feed this person any information or get goaded into conversation.The cards want you to know the load you are carrying is worth carrying


For some of you this week, you may feel inspire to make some changes in your life or certain parts of your world. But at this time your going to think about it.You maybe arguining with others or trying to explain to others to see your way. For some of you not getting along with other people at this time. So try to learn to walk away from fights because it’s just Ego looking for acceptance. It does show eventually you’ll get your way but it might be a while. Careful with making decisions this week. Some one in your life maybe trying to force you into making decision. But it’s not going to be in your favor so take your time. Don’t feel that other person pressuring. I would ignore it till your ready to make a move.


I see some major decisions coming up in regards to relationships or even work. This week relationships or certain relationships are very fragiles so careful with what you say and do. For some of you this week, your intuition is calling you to do something purposeful with your life. You may feel inspired this week to do something for the greater good at this time. But in typical Libra fashion your going to play with the idea, so this may take a while.Also this week you are delving more into your faith. You may see sparks of miracles happening this week for you. There are allot of moves you want to make this week but some of this stuff is up in the air. For others you are looking for change or you want to be out of your situation but allowing yourself to get in the way of making any changes.


Follow your intuition this week it may lead to some money opportunities. Something that you’ve been wanting and waiting for may manifest in your life this week. You may get what want you but your values or even your wants may change. Come from a place of gratitude when it does happen and less complaining. Also with this energy, try not to watch where other people are going or whats going on with them. Because this will lead to jealousy or you evil eyeing them. Which in turn will cause more positivity in their life instead of yours. I feel also with this energy for some of you this energy brings about new love into your life. For others of you growing with your career.


This is a beautiful energy week for some of you. This energy brings about purpose into your life, and feeling of purpose on your journey. So you may receive sparks of miracles or signs that the path you are on needs to be walked. Also this week try to social instead of staying home, because you’ll find more emotional balance in your life when you do. I feel for some of you , your current inspiration can be a profitable business venture.This week I feel it’s all about deep personal insight into your journey or a particular situation that you are in.For some of you this money making idea is really original and something that no one else ever thought of doing. For others of you not listening to others and doing your own thing at time.


You need to let go of your worries this week they are not necessary. Things will work themselves out so try to go more with the flow and stay out of your head. Also this week when you are moving forward with career or with the things you want. Try to be in a place of gratitude and give credit where credit is do. I feel that your expertise in a certain area of life maybe needed. You may be giving your help or expert advice from personal experience on what to do. Also for some of you does show loss or separation around you . I feel for some of you , at this time be it temporary you are not going to talk to mother for a while. Shows that you might be budding heads with her. Watch your emotional self because you maybe really reacting to a situation, in a not so good way


This week for some of you receiving recognition or praise for your work. For those of you in social media this is a good time for you. Also you maybe making changes with the emotional self or removing certain people in your life. Sometimes getting what you want means that certain people are going to leave your life. Out of disagreement with the path that you are on. There is an emphasis on feeling along with this energy. So watch your emotional self at this time be kind to yourself this week. There is a reason for everything that you have to go through. For some of you this could be of your own doing but thats okay . Now it’s time to take the initiative and start helping yourself


Be gentle with your emotional self this week. Try to take what others say or do more with a grain of salt. Careful with the police or court this week because I do see the court system or law enforcement getting involved this week. Not only will your situation soon be clarified, there will be an absolute and finite outcome related to your discovery of the truth. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.Also pick and choose your battles not everyone is going to agree with your way of thinking. Thats okay if they disagree just let them be.I feel also with this energy you may do with out in the name of personal integrity.Also with this energy , your relationship with certain people in your life may change this week. Also with this energy try to stay out of your head. Your worries this week are more of you intriguing the conversations in your head. Instead of your reality of your situation


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