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June 16, 2016


This is a great energy to compromise with. You’ll find that others are on the same page as you and are willing to work with you today. You need to watch your emotional self today because you tend to feel things on a deeper level than others. Also you are very generous at this time, with your resources and money. Try not to be to generous


You need to becareful with making promises to others because they make get broken today . You are going to make others really upset or even mad at you. You are more open minded with other people’s plans or ideas. I feel that their can be emotional confrontations today but thats about the extent of it


This is a fun energy time for you. Especially when it comes to socializing. You may find that your weekend is getting full. Or people maybe inviting you to togethers this week. Today is going to feel like your birthday with this energy, and your going to love this energy


You got a beautiful water trine today. You know how this day can be . This can be a really fabulous day for you , or this energy can ride you like a pony on Tuesdays. For some of you , you may need to hide out for a minute. For others of you , everything that can go right today will


The saturn energy is going to kick in today, you maybe more to yourself and want to be left alone today. So let others know that today you need your space. You need to stay out of your head today. Allot of your past is going to be coming up. Acknowledge send it love and let it go. Because it’s showing you areas of your life that maybe causing you blockages with your chakaras


This is a great day to get yourself organize today. You benefit today from the women in your life. Also with this energy you have a strong sense of duty when it comes to others.With this energy you feel conflicted with your sense of duty because you either don’t feel like meeting your obligations or you want to do something else. There is that inner fight going on


Moon in the second house is forming a water trine. So this can be a real awesome day with clients and business, or an awesome day in general. Or this energy can ride you like a Bronco on a Tuesday. . Like a Rhinestone Cowboy, so getty up you all and make it a good day,kisses


Becareful with the way you receive news today because it may ruin your whole day because you are giving the information you are given power to ruin your day. Or you are giving someone your personal power and allowing them to affect your whole day. Now you know , you can take back control of your personal powers and feelings. I know Scoprions they always like to look that the strong ones never show your pink


Even though you are getting along with everyone today. You are more quiet and in your zone, like you checked out for a bit to recharge your juices. I feel with this energy you want to be more to yourself and focusing more on things that make you happy. Today is your quiet time


This is beautiful energy time for you Jupiter is conjunct north node, right on top with each other trine Pluto RX. So thoughts and your words keep them positive because they will become things. Also with this energy you are out and about and looking for something to do with your friends.


Today you may find yourself spending more time with your children or other people’s children . For some of you , you might find yourself hanging out with younger crowd. Or doing things you use to do when you were wrong. These things that you are doing today are going to make you feel younger.Inner child is calling,say “Hi”


You may be going having small adventures with this energy. New experiences can happen with this energy. Also for some of you going back to school or on the job training can be the focus or even updating yourself with your business. Also with this energy you embrace anything new or different that comes your way


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