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June 22, 2016


You are getting along very well with others for some of you. You may feel like you belong whether it be at work or with friends. Also when it comes to what you want to do . Certain people in your life may not be on bored with your ideas.


With this energy you might be fighting with yourself. One situation has different directions and options for you to deal with. Also careful with your emotional self because you may make the wrong decision. Sounds like your being impatient and having yourself a moment


For some of you this energy here can bring some good news your way in regards to investments, court or with career. Also this is a great energy to tap into the metaphysics and the power of prayer with this energy. Sparks of miracles can happen today


Arguments with certain relationships can happen today because of powerstruggles , or both of you having different ideas in regards to plans. You may have problems getting along with certain people in your life. For some of you , you might be taking care of someone and feeling the emotional burden of that but think of the blessing for helping


This a great energy for auditions , those of you in sells or social media. You really have a way of getting your point across. This is a great energy to socialize with friends. Also for some of you , the focus is on your children, or you maybe hanging out with people who are younger than you


Today you might receive some very good in regards to business or career. This will have you thinking thoughts of future. Right now it’s just talks but talks in the right direction. Try not to get overly excited until it happen. Also with this energy routine might be getting to you


Watch your stories in your head with this energy , don’t go assuming. I feel also with this energy people may surprise you today. With this energy you are very competitive with others whether it be at work or with games


For some of you with this energy , you need to adapt and get use to your normal. Certain situations going on around you might make you appreciate more what you have today. Also with this energy you find ways to control your situation or others with out seeming bossy or controlling


You need to watch your thoughts or you may have to start being selective about what you are thinking of with this energy. You are very original with your thoughts. But you may feel overwhelmed or lethargic because to much information over load


This is a great energy for job interviews or trying get your way at work. You are in a good place emotionally and exuding confidence. You are very social and playful with this energy . This is also a great energy for prayers to get answered, or to see sparks of miracles


You are trying very hard today to get along with everyone. You may have moments of de ja vu or your intuition may kick in with this energy. Pay attention to your dreams with this energy because you maybe getting messages from spirit world


You need to becareful with gossip or telling your side of a story because you tend to exaggerate. This may get back to you in a bad way. Watch what you say to others today. Past issues are coming up and preventing you from moving forward with this energy. Try to let go of these fears especially in regards to the past because things are different in the present


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