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June 23, 2016


This is a great time to step out of your routine and take an artist walk. Go somewhere like an arts crafts store or walk in the park to feel inspired. With this energy you are more in play mode. For some of you calling in sick because you don’t feel like going to work today. Or doing something different to break up your routine


With this energy you are looking for fun.For some of you making plans to go out with friends this week. For others looking for someone to talk too or have a get together with after work. Or meet up for a quick lunch. Today you are very social and looking for company


People in your life especially those close too you offer you emotional support. For others people in management help you to grow with your career. You are more open minded and accepting of other people’s opinions. Also the help that they off you today


Friends or lovers might not be acknowledging your feelings. It may seem that other people are being more about their needs instead what’s best for everybody.For some of you, you may get a raise, an unexpected check or some kind of money incentive to help you out


Today you may have the urge to take risk now with money especially when it comes to something you’ve been wanting or wanting to do. For some of you watch your emotional self especially in public. For some of you , you may need to just get your emotions all out and have a moment . For others you might remember a joke and start laughing uncontrollably .


With this energy you need to adjust to other people’s needs or behaviors in order to get along better with others. I feel at this time, the other person or people might be going through somethings and maybe a bit more sensitive than usual . Or they maybe ask more for you. Try not to fix other people’s problems today just listen


Careful with this energy, because Fishies may get a bit jealous of others. At this time your working hard and doing all the right things but your watching others. You are watching where they are at and how far ahead they are. Please don’t like other people’s lives and where they are at. Because we all on different journeys. For some people that thing you want so bad is probably it for them


Your patience and perseverance pays off today in regards to a certain situation going on in your life. Also with this energy try to get a second or third opinion not making good decisions with this energy. Especially when it comes to helping others, you maybe allowing someone to get away with allot more than they should


You are very competitive with this energy. In a fun and playful way. You are more determine to win arguments and to prove people you are right. For some of you , you maybe caught in a rock and hard place with what you want and what you have to do. Or someone may put you on the spot with this energy because they know your answer wont be a quick “NO”


With this energy you are more apt to be a bit more playful or fun with this energy. You bring the fun to work with this energy. This could be your a bit more restless at this time and looking or wanting some kind of change.


With this energy you might be receiving some good news with court, property matters or with career. Also you maybe more open minded to new things and experiences. You may stepping more out of your own comfort zone. Things that you would never find yourself doing , you might be doing them today


This energy bring spontaneous get togethers with friends, or them inviting you out to go places after work. Also with this energy, you are delving more into your hobbies, games or surrounding yourself with a more younger crowd.


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