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June 29, 2016


For some of you, you feel the need to travel or go on an adventure today. For some of you watching allot of the travel channel . Today you might step out of your routine. For some good news can come your way in regards to career. With thoughts of future, future just try not to get to ahead of yourself.


I feel with this energy, some of you may get over time right now. You go above and beyond what is needed especially at work. This is a great energy to change the emotional self. Or to have a better understanding of certain situations.


Good news can happen with this energy. Also try not to believe everything that you hear at this time. You love gossip right now and maybe following and keeping up with what is being said and done. Careful with this energy because you can be a bit needy or relying on others a bit much


At this time , you are able to get along better with others especially those you have a barrier with . I feel also at this time pay attention to your dreams because you may be receiving message from spirit world. Also with this energy give yourself breaks and do something nice for you today


You have a beautiful earth trine today , this is a great day for planting seeds, and removing obstacles. Keep your thoughts positive with this energy.Also with this energy you trust your intuition today. You allow yourself to be guided. Opportunities become available for you today


Beautiful energy time for you . You have a beautiful earth trine happening so thoughts become things today. Sparks of miracles can come through last minute. Your intuition is very strong with this energy and you may just follow it. Also you are very creative with this energy


This might be the best day ever for fishies. Especially in regards to money and growing with the company. You have the part of fortune in your second with a beautiful earth trine. Keep your thoughts positive today.I feel with this energy you are able to say whats on your mind, and this is going to feel more liberating


You are in a better head space today, you are more open to suggestions and new ideas with this energy. Be certain about your responsibilities and what you have to for yourself. Because people may guilt you today in taking on their own responsibilities.


When you are objective towards other people problems, or dealing with others. You are able to have a deeper connection and understand where others come from. Your going to see the look on their face when you get someone.


With this energy you feel more of connection with your things like your cell phone today. You may realize how much your electronic device is like your life line to the world today. Careful with your electronic devices. With this energy you are more sensitive to what other people are going through


A great energy with career. You’ll find that you have allot of love being giving to you with this energy. Trust your intuition today. This is a great energy time for as above so below. If not today can be your lucky today, sparks of miracles can happen


Careful what you ask for today because it may not be what you really wanted but it is what you asked for. Are you trying to discover your real feelings and having difficulty communicating that? Slow down your thinking, and really think about your needs with this energy


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