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July 6, 2016


With this energy you maybe a bit vulnerable today. For a minute you let down your walls and show others your soft side. For a second before you realize what you did and feel to vulnerable. I feel also with this energy you maybe more focus on your children or family . I wont be surprise to see special meme or post about how much you love your family.


With this energy try not to make any plans today . Because you may find spontaneity is going to be the name of the game today. Try to listen to what other people are asking . I feel at this time you are so stuck in your way of thinking. It’s hard for you to take no for answer.


I feel at this time your focus is on your life philosophy. How hard work pays off. For some of you , you are seeing your hard work paying off today. Your money sector is highlighted today. There could be luck with career especially with growing


You need to watch your emotional self with this energy. Moon in Leo can make you very restless at this time. Try to channel your energy into something more productive like gardening or working out. Because you might be looking for fights with this energy or picking on one particular person


Compromise is needed with this energy . I feel that this is not the best day for keeping promises. Promises made for today maybe broken. Because you don’t feel like doing them, or you may not have the means or resources to do them .


At this time for some of you. You are looking for more of a purpose to your life now. Or wondering what to do next in regards to career. You are allowing your money worries or certain worries over issues to get to you more today. This would be a good time to get the hell out of your head.


At this time issues with mother can come up. Your relationship with her can change at this time. Power Struggles are happening with this energy. Careful with this energy as above so below. I feel at this time your worries may come to fruition if you keep dwelling on them


I feel there can be a sense of guilt happening in regards to relationship or some emotional confusion. I also feel with this energy family drama or loss can happen at this time. Also with this energy powerstruggle with love relationships can happen at this time


Some positive changes are happening for some of you good news is coming your way with this energy. Also this is a great energy to tap into your hobbies, or you may feel inspired in regards to business. Your thinking is more outside the box leaving you to problem solve certain difficult issues.


There is an emphasis on career and money. Watch your spending as quickly as money is coming in is as quickly as it is going out. I feel also today watch your emotional self. Moon in the third house bring out allot of need for respect. This tit and tat energy, if someone isn’t doing for you than it may cause some conflict


I feel with this energy the focus is on family especially mother or sister(s) with this energy. Spending time with them and having fun. I feel also this can bring about old fights or past issues may come up with this energy . You are very sentimental at this time


You are very cautious with your spending , and careful with new money opportunities that come your way. Your not quick to jump on to new money projects or collaborations. You may find that your words are powerful with this energy


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