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July 14, 2016


It looks like today you are making some great decisions. I do see you following your intuition today. I also see you being intuitive or are able to see a situation happen in a person’s life and being able to call it before it happens, #calledit.


Very good energy for business and career. Your patience and hard work is paying off today. I also see you being very sentimental and connecting with friends and family more today . I do see you being particular sweet to those at work .


You need to own who you are and rock it. Today is going to show you when you being your own unique self. It brings positive result and positive actions today, be you. This is a beautiful energy time for you. Thoughts do become things today for better or worst so keep those thoughts positive, NAMASTE


With this moon , you might be stuck in your way of doing things and thinking. It maybe a bit difficult to tell you others. Try to be like the mutable sign you are and be open minded to other people’s way of thinking . Also with this energy you are on the same page with those in authority and can help make a difference at work


You need to watch your emotional self today . Everything is cause and affect so careful with those snarky remarks you throw at others. You get more with honey than you do with spit and vinegar. You have a difficult knowing what other people want from you at this time. I feel that you need to ask where cooler heads prevail.


This is a very good time for career with this energy. You are very ambitious at this time with career and business. This is a fun energy time for you at work . You might be getting together your plans for this weekend with friends and family. Also a popular time for those of you in social media


This is a fun energy time for you . You are very creative and think outside the box with this energy. I feel that people appreciate your when your being authentic to them . I do see you showing a bit more of your true self to others, and they are loving you .


Moon in Scorpio still forming the beautiful water trine . This would be a great time for the power of prayer and the law of attraction . You may find thoughts really do become things with this energy. Also with this energy you are able to put your own unique stamp on certain things especially when it comes to career


I feel with this energy you are able to tolerate your current situation with someone else. For some of you , you benefit through your relationships with others. Either this can be them giving you something or helping you grow in some way today


You might be in clean mode with this energy or fix it mode. You have a bit of extra energy or motivation to get things done. Try to go with the flow today , the less expectations you have about how your day should go the better


Watch your emotional self today , you maybe over top with your feelings but in a fun way . I feel at this time you need to learn to trust yourself today . Your intuition is highlighted and you maybe following it at this time. Or intriguing some new directions that you may want to explore with this energy


At this time I feel that you maybe doing something nice for the women in your life, like mother with this energy. At this time , this would be a good time to mend some relationships, if they offered you an olive branch. I feel that you may respond to that olive branch. Also this is a time for closing gaps with certain relationships.


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