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August 3, 2016


The moon is still in the sign of Leo. With this energy it brings out the nurture in you. You might be more helpful to close friends or family members. Or you may surprise your significant other and go out of your way to do something nice for them. Also with this energy you are very creative with this energy. For some of you starting new projects or having allot of options available to you at this time.


Careful with this energy you take things personally , and today you take other people’s situations and make them about you. Try to be more about others and a bit more empathetic to what they are going through . I feel with this energy you might be about you with this energy . Or you may be a bit needy with this energy so try to stay grounded.


Your allowing your emotional hangups to get in the way today. Try to stay more grounded with this energy, and don’t intrigue the conversation your having in your head. All is not what it seems . The part of fortune is in your Sun, your moods tend to be up and down today. So try to look towards peace of mind with this energy.I feel that you are going to make changes today. Make sure your doing it for the right reasons


You need to find a solution with what you want to do with out compromising certain relationships or situations already going on in your life. Today is pretty much an easy today. This is a great time for communications and getting everyone on the same page as you. Your more open minded to suggestions today


You have a water trine today in the 2nd,6,10 so your money situation or the day is dictated by your emotional self today. Your a nurter side is really coming out today. You feel more connected with family and close relationships. For some of you putting your time energy and in your marriage or love relationship. You are loving it , it makes you feel peaceful


Your relationships are coming up today , more as issues. Because they expect to have more of a commitment. This can be relationships in general. You are just being non committal with certain things. Or your wanting to do or go one way. So at this time your not seeing eye to eye on certain things


You need to watch your emotional self today. You might have doctor jekyll and mr. hyde going on with your mood. On the one hand you are very ambitious and very action orientated. But that person be dam if they ask you a question while your doing something.


Catch a cappy in the right mood and the can be forgiven to a fault or be over the top with their generosity than regret it later. You are in that mode today so try not to go overboard with your love energy. Because as soon as that person does something to you. OOO, how you aint going to let them forget.


I feel with this energy it brings about healing energy at this time with family or even roommates with this energy. I feel at this time to get what you want or to get to where you want to be. You have to give up some control. Also with this energy try not to make any plans. Or you may receive an unexpected message from some you didn’t expect, EVER. It’s a good thing so no need to worry


You need to practice patients with some people in your life. Because they are not catching on quick what your trying to do or say. This may run your patience today. Give it to Jesus, take the wheel Lord. You need to also be more open minded today, because you might be your own worst enemy when it comes to moving forward.Or sticking to what works. Because there is a reason this opportunity is being presented to you today, so you can grow either emotional , spiritually or financially


Ceres in your second house today is forming a beautiful earth trine 2,6,10. With this energy you may receive help with your money situation. Or can receive good news with this energy. Because your emotional self is a feeling a bit more stable today. Also a great day to come up with great ideas so use them


Ceres today is forming an earth trine with your 1st, 5th and 8th house. With this energy you love anything original or homemade things today. You appreciate things that come from the heart, or have you in mind. I feel you are in good spirits with this energy. Coming up with creative ideas


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