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August 11, 2016


With this energy you prefer to be in your world today or just work alone with this energy. You find your solitude to be reflective and enjoyable. Today your hard work pays off with this energy. With this energy money worries are coming up. Try not to be in a place of lack with money. Because it’s always flowing in abundance, you just need to tap into certainty


You are very inventive and creative with your surroundings. For some of you good news or unexpected opportunities become available to you at work .Try to be open minded with this energy, it’s a fun energy that brings lots of new experiences your way


Watch your emotional self today. The moon is about ready to leave your 12th house today. You tend to get frustrated really easily with this energy. Careful with relationships especially love relationships because those can be on the brink of being over or coming to an end. At this time count to ten before speaking. Really be more self aware with what you say.


Try to get organized with this energy, because you tend to be very forgetful with this energy. Might be misplacing and missing appointments today.You need to try to stay grounded with this energy and stay in the present today. I feel for some of you allot of thoughts of future , future , future are coming up . Instead bring your attention to right now the present, so you don’t get anymore anxiety to what’s to come


When you are honest to yourself and others you are able to see what you need to work on in order to grow and change for the better. So try to listen to what others are saying to you. It’s not to annoy but to help you grow. Your intuition is taking the lead when it comes to your career. It is guiding you today so try to trust it


With this energy helps you to grow through others. So this can be receiving good news about a job interview. Or growing through the social media with this energy. You need to be careful how you approach others. Because your energy or how you treat others is not consistent today. So you can come off a certain way towards others.


This is a beautiful energy here because it’s giving you an opportunity to acknowledge your scars from childhood or past relationships. This gives you a better understanding as too, why you react to certain situations, or why you have certain tendency or habits. Now you have an opportunity to break them and this is going to help you to change


I feel that hidden message deep in your subconscious are going to come out today. As epiphany or revelations to give more insight into certain situations going on in your life. I feel for some of you the focus is on your marriage or love relationships today. I feel that you might be planning outings to do with them, or giving them much needed attention. For others a support system surrounds you to give you the support you need. Even though you may not want it but everyone is there for you


Still going through it , you need to be more adaptable or compromise a bit more. You take things to personally with this energy. Others might be to in their feelings with this energy. You have a difficult time letting things go. Try to make it a point to let go of things that bother you or people that bother you . Because it causes you more mental strain than them, it’s not worth it.


Try to stay grounded with this energy because some of you are taking on more than you can handle with this energy. I feel by trying to take on so much that you are going to get frustrated or possibly lose interest in what you are doing . At this time things that come up today don’t give it a quick yes. But a what does this all entail before jumping into that yes


I feel with this energy you need to watch your reactive self. Cock those brains today. Because you can be your own worst enemy with this energy. I feel allot of your personal issues and angst are going to come out today. Because you need to acknowledge them and also work through them with this energy.


Moon is working itself out of your third house today. Try not to make decisions based on your emotional self with this energy.I feel that today there is problems with communication and also your perception of things. Today try to communicate your way of doing things and maybe your way of looking at things so others can better understand you.


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