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13 August Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore

August 13, 2016


If your working or not working today you are feeling or putting some kind of pressure on yourself. Sometime crabs tend to be a bit hard on themselves. Because parts of you knows your potential and needs to be more action oriented instead of wishing it. I feel also this is a fun energy try not to make plans and be more open minded to what day brings.


This can be a fun energy time for you. You do have a beautiful fire trine going on, giving you more action orientated energy. Also you might be have plans today or this evening with your closest friends. Unfortunately ,your kind of an exclusive person not the party animal you use to be, dam you Saturn in the fifth house


You have a beautiful fire trine with this energy in your 4,8,12. You might be bit spontaneous today and seize the day. I see random plans happening or even creating get togethers out of no where. This some much needed fun energy today . For some of you taking care of yourself and nurturing and loving yourself today


You have a beautiful fire trine in your 3rd,7, and 11th house. I feel for some of you, there might be some random plans to travel for weekend getaway. Now that Saturn is direct you are in better spirits with this energy. I feel that you have better insight with certain situations going on in your life and friends give support . Also with this energy you are more likely to focus on the home. Either with gardening or redecorating


Luck is on your side today so just smile and let the blessings come to you . I feel this is a good day for you. You have a beautiful fire trine, you might here some good news at work. Also today careful with this energy , because you might be brought into some drama and quick to react. Try to slow your roll and assess the situation first before diving in to help.


I feel for some of you , you might be going on some nature walks today because it grounds and makes you feel connected with mother earth. I feel with this energy you have more of a sense of peace with this energy. For some of you , your day is full of activities of you coming and going today


I feel that at this time you need to watch your control issues. I feel at this time the ball is in your court with certain situation. You are able to control others today because you have something that they want. Try to spend time with family and friends instead of focusing on something that is out of your control, or for some of you working to much, time for RnR


I feel at this time be open minded to other people’s opinions because you might learn something new or gain insight into your situation.You know what they say about free advise , no one ever listens, so it might be really good advice. I feel at this time arguments or riffs might happen today because you are giving other the cold hard facts. Right now everyone or some people want things served with allot of sugar. Be aware how you speak to others , slow down the reactive self


Try to slow down your reactive self people are going to challenge. If you can try to avoid the comment bar online or even try to avoid having the last word with this energy. At this time in regards to social media and online business be your true authentic self is what Uranus is saying. Or even be more of your true authentic self to others which is difficult for some fishies. Because they are afraid to show that side of them


You have a beautiful fire trine 1,5,9. I feel with this energy you are taking risk especially if your not talking to some one. You might give them a call to say what up, kind of test the waters with this energy. Or see how much you can get away with in relationships. You might be a bit adventurous or stepping out of your normal Saturday routine


What ever dirt you need to find you’ll find so becareful snooping today. For some of you , you might be looking for deep emotional bonds with your love relationships. There can be some deep conversations going on . For others of you wanting company with this energy


Your relationships with the women in your life is showing it’s rocky at best. At work than can be some cattiness some she said he said energy. Or you might be a bit snappy with the women in your life. Your home leave work at work and home at home with this energy. It might be because you need to communicate your feelings

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