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15 August 2016 Weekly Tarotscopes by Marie Moore

August 14, 2016


Come from a place of gratitude this week with this energy. I do see obsessive worrying coming from some of you with this energy. I do see the ex a bit more on the mind than usual with this energy. So try to stay more in the present than continuously being in your emotional tar . I feel at this time you have ideas that are up in the air with this energy. Some major changes that you want to make in regards to moving, or even in regards to love relationships. I do see for some of you money getting better and you being in a better place emotionally with this energy. I feel with this energy this is a time of moving forward with goals and dreams. I feel at this time your dreams are aligned and moving forward


I feel with this energy new love opportunities may present themselves. Also for some of you the thought or focus is on your children this week. Or you might be socializing more with someone younger than you. I feel also someone owes you a favor or money with this energy. I also see some one being very giving with you especially with their time and resources. This is from a loved one and coming from a the heart. I feel for some of you , getting along better with the women in your life. For others love opportunities are coming up . I feel also during this time, ideas how to generate more money or thoughts of second source of income are coming up


I feel that certain areas of your life are getting better. I see a smooth transition happening into a better situation this week.For some of you, expect the unexpected this week. I see money or career improving for some of you . I feel for some of you , you might not take this week so seriously.I definitely see some positive changes happening this week . I feel this week things begin to turn around for you.I see people in your life being happy for you , and your accomplishments. Your communication skills are stronger this week. So this is a good energy for those of you in sell or wanting to make changes


You have allot of ideas and just thoughts that you may or may not want to do with this energy. I see allot of things up in the air at this time. I see money improving for some of you , and I also see money worries for others. I see for some of a financial wish is coming true, MAZEL. Also for some of you, you are being made to rely on at this time on someone you don’t really trust. I feel also with this energy the idle mind is the devil’s time. So try to look for something to do to keep your mind busy. That might be why you have so many ideas up in the air at this time. Because you don’t have nothing going on this week. Instead of being in your heard and being in what if. Do something proactive with this energy, become proactive in your life. Instead of thinking of what if’s


I feel for some of you the focus becomes on being a bit of perfectionist whether it be at work or projects at the home. This is a great energy to put the fire under your butt and work. I do see some weird energy happen with love relationships. I feel trust issues can happen with this energy. I feel that your partner may want to be more to themselves or may even have some mood swings of their own. Try not to get reactive because they are being unresponsive to your majesty. I do see for better or worst relationships this week are changing . For some of you it’s looking that relationships are getting a bit more serious. Watch your emotional self because I see boredom getting the best of you . You might be a bit katty with this energy .


Not the easiest energy for some of you, you are being drawn to a bad boy or girl in your life. This can become an addictive relationship. For others of you I feel that you are involved in some kind of difficulty at work. Or dealing with some one who is very dominating at work. I feel with this energy you need to remember everything is cause and effect. Also with this energy, you can’t save every body. Sometimes you have to learn when to stop helping and focus more on you. Because some people don’t want to change or want help. You can’t make their problems your problems. I see some of you to involved in other people’s life and carrying their burdens, and it’s not worth it. I feel for others problems with love relationships are coming up


I see you going a bit crazy with your spending this week. I do see this being a fun week for you. This looks like a fun time for love relationships or getting along with the people at work. I do see you making deep emotional connections to others this week. Also you might be to busy making others happy. Or preparing an event that you might miss the moment, stop micromanaging and enjoy the moment. Also the cards want you to know the load that you are carrying at this time is worth carrying. Sometimes carebears tend to exaggerate their situations. I feel at this time the cards are saying what ever your feeling is not the reality of the situation.


Pay close attention this week to the signs, you might be receiving confirmation it’s time to change. Careful with your stinger some times you guys like to poke fun, but in a non intentional stinging way, OUCH!! I do see you that you took to long on thinking about something and may have missed out on that opportunity. The cards recognizes that problems you have gone through and this week brings a recovery period. You have influence over a powerful organization or group. You need to be careful with your words because I feel this week you can be destructive to someone when you use them. Put that tail away. I do see relationships being fragile at this time so be gentle. I also see major transformation can happen with relationships. For some of you , I see thoughts of moving coming up


I feel with this energy not the easiest energy. I do see confrontation happening and this can be with the women in your life and also it’s showing me the younger people in your life. Possibly the children in your life challenging you. I also see at this time people twisting your words. So try to keep your receipts this week. I see a situation ending try to see the blessing in the situation. At this time as well, you are taking new approaches to something old that you want to fight for. Also with this energy be more aware of what you say to others. I feel for some of you, you only heard one side of the story . Try not to chime because the person you are sticking up for maybe in the wrong.


Careful with this energy. I see that you need to assert yourself in some of your relationships. I do see confrontations happening. I also see you being spiteful . Try to slow the breaks down with this energy. If someone is trying to ruin your good energy walk away. It’s not worth letting them work you up , and ruin your whole week . You are the creator and you can pick and choose what you want in your reality. I see what turns into you just horsing around with someone else can turn quickly into a shade throwing contest. I feel also with this energy what ever you put your mind to you can achieve


I see thoughts of moving to a different state or country coming up. For some of you this is because of more jobs or money opportunity. For others this is going to because of family or for love with this energy. I do see opportunities for new love coming in but I feel that you are going to play with the idea. I do see your situations getting better this week because you have more emotional stability in the cards. I do see this energy or the people around you taking care of you or being a bit giving to you . I also see some major decisions coming up in regards to money or love with this energy. I do see you have a great support system and people helping you grow with this energy.I do see a break up happening this can be more done by your hand. For some of you, careful with your job. For others might be quitting your job


I see money opportunities coming up these might be more of a lesson than an opportunity. Major decisions are coming up I feel in response to gossip that is around you. I also see someone around you has allot of growing up to do. I also see you need to trust your intuition this week . You have allot of good coming your way also you need to keep it humble with this energy. I see also relationships changing for better or worst at this time. I do see some of you having problems with relationships and this can be because they are not done playing . Also with this energy you need to be careful with jumping into new experience. Especially when you don’t know nothing about it or have no experience in doing it.


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