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16 August 2016 Daily Horoscopes by Marie Moore

August 14, 2016


Not in a really sociable mood with this energy. You might be more interested in analyzing your life or certain situations going on. I feel for some of you refiguring your life purpose or possible career changes. I feel with Pluto conjunct Moon, what ever situation your going through today. It’s suppose to lead to some kind of emotional break through or some kind of self realization. So be open and go with the flow. What ever said to you,acknowledge it and think of .Why you are reacting? Because when you understand why you are reacting the true feeling. Than the situation becomes easier to deal with


You have a beautiful earth trine today with the moon in Capricorn. I feel with this energy you get more when you are surrounded by friends. Meaning that situations you want to happen or wishes you may want. Seem to appear when you socialize because you are seriously optimistic. Which puts you in alignment with what you want


Lots of energy in that sixth house with the part of fortune involved. For some of you this is a great energy to get things done, for others health maybe a concern today.For others working on the self, or even having the will power to quit bad habits. It is forming an earth trine with your 2,6,10. This should be a good day for career or even business


The moon in Capricorn is forming a beautiful earth trine in your 1,5,9 th houses. This is a beautiful energy time. I would be careful with your thoughts because thoughts can become things today. Today you can align yourself with your goals. I feel that you might be in better spirits, maybe even having get togethers with family


You have a beautiful earth trine 4,8,12. So try to keep your thoughts positive with this energy. With this energy you tend to go out of your way for others. And you want others to know that you appreciate them with this energy.This is a fun energy for you to be out and about more. You are more about socializing today .


You are in place of “YES”. You are more willing to help others in some way today. I feel with this energy you are more a participant in other people’s life and you are playing your role willingly. I feel also with this energy you might be a bit more popular than usual


You have a beautiful earth trine 2,6,10th house. Business can pick with this energy. This is a great energy time for those of you at work or with social media. Very busy day for you . I feel for others of you , you might be invited to go out this week and socialize with this energy. Also a great time for job opportunities


Moon is forming an earth trine 1,5,9th house. This is a powerful energy time for you to tap into spirituality . For some of you sparks of miracles can happen today. Watch your thoughts and words. You do have changes happening so try to be more flexible. I feel for some of you it’s just not your time but that’s okay, you’ll be next


Powerful energy with the earth trine 12,8,4 th house.I feel with this energy you might receive some epiphany’s today. I feel for others of you this energy brings about healing energy or even situations might change your way of thinking. This is a great day for open and honest communication. Open communication brings better understanding


I feel with this energy you are more goal orientated with this energy. You are able to see the bigger picture when it comes to getting your way. Your more willing to help others because you know in the long run it helps you too. I feel with this energy you are all about moving forward with this energy. Might have to do somethings that are out of your comfort zone today


You have a beautiful earth trine with your 2,6,10th house. For some of you a great time for your online business or social media. For others of you a time to move forward with career. I feel this is a fun energy . I see this is a popular energy time for you. I do see this being more of a creative and social time for you


I would play lotto and aim for $5 dollar ticket maybe ten, if your lucky. Beautiful energy with the part of fortune in your fifth house. An easier time to get your with certain situations. You are in better spirits today because of good news . I feel that things start to turn around for you. For some of you , your luck is beginning to change


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