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September 5, 2016



Major changes are happening this week for the better. I see contracts and negotiations going well.Just make sure to read the fine print and understand what you are doing on your part. I see with this energy brings about fulfillment with this energy. If you are comfortable playing both sides now, circumstances will force you to take a stance sooner than would be convenient for you. Surprise with money this can happen. Things can turn around when you least expect. Trust your intuition if something doesn’t feel right don’t follow. Some people are stuck in their ways of thinking and it may or may not be in your best interest to follow


Be cautious and research new money opportunities before jumping into new business endeavor or investment. I see something that might be a good idea but at the same time is going require patiences. Because your not going to make money on it for a while so something to think about. I feel with some of you, you are doing your own thing at this time. For others of you , you are stepping out of your comfort zone. I see also this week, your not paying attention to the drama that is about you or even around you. I feel your money situation is getting better this week , or good news coming your way


I feel at this time family members are telling you what to do or someone in your life is making decisions for you. You might understand or have a better perspective on a certain situation. I feel for some of you, your way of thinking is going to change. Or things that weren’t working or no longer working,your going to work on changing. Even your core values can change this week. I feel with this energy be more self aware of your present or this can be mercury retrograde energy. But I do see circumstances happening that are beyond your control. I feel also with this energy try not to over extend yourself when it comes to help this week


Try to compromise and bend in your way of thinking. For some of you, you are stuck in your emotional tar and only you can pull yourself out. In regards to love , for some you have the courage to speak to your crush this week. Also for some of you love opportunities present themselves to you. But I feel that you are more aware of the mercury retrograde. Try to find balance in your life, instead of focusing on one particular area of your life. Try to be open minded with this energy. You have allot of good around you and people who care for you.


You want things done in a particular way, or you might be a perfectionist at work. I feel for some of you project are almost done and there is a sense of accomplishments. You are fighting a battle for a manipulative individual. Slow down and assess the situation to make sure you are not being used. Positive changes are happening this week, and for some of you a life altering experience. You are going to create allot of problems with others.You need to bend and compromise and adjust to other people. Your way isn’t always the right , try to listen more. For some of you relationships are fragile this week


I feel with this energy you are mastering a particular area of your life. Careful with manipulative people in your life. So when you are asked to do something , you may want to be aware of how much your doing. I do see confrontations happening because of lack of communication or you being more about your own needs. Try to be empathetic to other people needs. The cards are acknowledging that you are going through drastic and thorough changes. Positive changes are happening , and for some of you this can be ideas.


Careful with this energy you can be your own worst enemy. I feel with energy this week it can be a fun energy for some of you. For others people are there for you and taking care of you. There is an emphasis on money coming in this week. Major decisions in regards to relationships in general . I feel at this time , you have no time to think or to say no because you are going through changes. For some of you this is very quick and for the best. I feel also with this energy on the job training can happen. Or you may find someone who is an expert in your field. This person can help update you on your career, and help you problem solve.


Thoughts are up in the air , or decisions up in the air at this time. You want to make changes, I see thoughts of moving coming up with this energy . I feel at this time, your inner child is coming out more , for some of you feeling youthful because you are surrounded by creativity , or like minded people. I feel also some really big news is coming up which is going to change your life or be a game changer that you need. I feel that you may feel empowered this week, or you might really impress yourself . I feel your work ethics or your performance is what your managers will expect from others.


I feel at this time you are very convincing. For some of you second chances with trying to get back your old job , is highly likely to get it back . For others of you second chances with love or friendship are coming back . But those old feelings and that particular situation still is a touchy subject. For now allowing bygone to be bygones. I feel with energy , what ever path that you are on. The universe is giving you signs of whether or not you are moving in the right direction. For some of you , your health will be affected by your actions so pay attention to the messages. The messages being slowing down, your moving the wrong way , or you may want to think about changing course.


I feel at this time , there are powerstruggles coming up . I feel you may be wanting to fix or change someone and you can’t . All you can do is just plant the seed. You can say something and thats it because eventually maybe not anytime soon. But this person will think of it as their idea. I feel also resolution is possible but you have to bend and you have to be willing to compromise. I feel also it may be difficult to get rid of certain love interest. Because they think that you are their type. I see the stars shining on you because it’s giving you a quick route to what you want


I feel with this energy, your still getting over a love relationship. You might even still be mad at this person or not looking at your own self and what you did to cause the break. This is still an emotional process that you have to go through. I do see for some of you the ex is coming back into the picture or thoughts of this person or the past is coming up. I feel this week the focus is on potential love opportunities coming your way. Also dealing with a lover or a person in your life. I feel this person has an addictive personality, and you are trying to fix this person. Unfortunately the more you try to change them, the more they are going to do it. You have to be the person that plants the seed and allow some one else to soe. Because they are not going to listen to you


Watch your emotional self this week because you are allowing your emotions to get the best of you. Because what ever your worrying about as above so below. I see at this time good news coming your way . Career is still turning around for the better and you might be pleasantly surprise. For others of you I see love opportunities can happen. Especially with some one that you ‘ve been having your eye but it’s the mercury retrograde so take that into consideration. I feel also your relationship with certain people in your life will change for the better. I see for some of you , your work being shown all over social media. For others of you being a threat to someone at work. Because you can possibly take their position


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