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October 13, 2016



Train needs to slow down today, and acknowledge some issues that you are going through, or still emotionally processing before it blows up in someone face and gets resolved that way. I feel with this energy, you need to deal with certain problems going on. These problems can no longer be avoided or ignore , you have to take action


I feel with this energy, somethings are trial and error with what you do or what kind of reaction you want from other people. I feel with this energy, you may want to help others but to an extent with this energy. Also with this energy what you want to do and what others are expecting you to do are at odds. You may not express but it is something that is going to annoy you today


At this time, you might be making plans for the holidays, or making plans in regards to future or business endeavors with this energy.I feel with this energy, you may have the opportunity to meet or have conversation with people with similar interest than yours.


With the moon in Pisces , you might be feeling lethargic or not focus on the task at hand. You could be open to any changes with your routine, and maybe the first to raise your hand at work to do something out of your routine. Keep your schedule a bit flexible today because their might be random outings. Or you might break up your routine with this energy.


With this energy you have a Yod. So there can be some emotional epiphanies made through the experiences that you are having today. One of them is that you may put to much responsibility or expectations on other people’s plate.I feel with this energy, you might be avoiding certain situations or certain realities that challenge the ego .


Watch your emotional self today, because of the T-square with your 1,4,and 7th house. Not getting along with the men in your life or with those in authority. For some of you , you may need to be honest about what is that you are seeing and go from there. I feel at this time you are seeing people for whom they really are and it’s time ot think about walking away.


Not the best day for gossip or doing anything sneaky or underhanded. Not the best day to make good decisions, and your anxieties and nervous energy might cause problems with the digestive system. Today you might learn your place in regards to how much involvement you or what player you are in someone else’s life. If they need your advice or input , than they will come to you. Hold off on getting involved in other people’s business, unless they ask for your guidance


For some of this can be a fun energy time, you might be more about the things you like to do and taking it easy today. For others delving more into your hobbies with this energy. This is a great energy for thoughts to be come things, so keep it positive. For others you might be the life of the party at work or have some fun light hearted conversations today


Not the best energy for business endeavors so tap into faith and certainty today. I feel with this energy, you may have a difficult time sympathizing with others. Because you can see things more as black and white while others are 50 shades of pink. Also with this energy, it’s very hard for you to relax with this energy, and you might feel a bit up tight. Try to be more about relaxing or taking it easy when you can


You need to becareful with your emotional self, you can be your own worst enemy. You are a bit too pessimistic with some of the things going in your life. For others of you this energy might make you feel a bit melancholy.When you communicate your feelings to others, you are able to pull yourself out of this energy. Maybe they give you words that you need to hear to make you feel . Like you can turn things around.


I feel that there can be an emotional fight going on in your mind today, so watch your emotional self. Careful with your spending today, there be some obstacles that you might have to go through, or confront, especially if you aren’t focus on goals. For some of you , this energy shows your hard work and perseverance pays off


With this energy, you need to let go of your worries and not assume things with this energy. Also for some of you, you need to do your research before jumping into new opportunities today. With this energy, you might check out today because you don’t want to focus on work and you are all about play. For others of you this is a creative time for you delving more into your creative projects


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