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October 19, 2016


Certain things maybe brought to light today that you have to handle or deal. You may not know where to begin or you may feel overwhelmed at the task at hand. Or by your busy day so you tend check out allot . Tackle things today in sections or bit by bit. The things you can put off to a later date do. Don’t allow bills or temporary situations to overwhelm you


At this time try not to be on top of certain people. You are to busy correcting someone else on what they are doing but at this time you need to watch what your doing. Focus on your lane and give the other person in your life to be themselves.I feel you don’t like labels or being put into a box. As soon as someone puts you in a box and starts to label you. As this kind of person or that you suddenly change


Moon in Gemini still. Fishies you still have that beautiful air trine with Pallas. Expect the unexpected with this energy, when all seems hopeless your situation changes, sparks of miracles fly at you today. Also with this energy, for some of you unexpected events or responsibilities may need you to act right away. You may not want to react right or you may try to put it off till a later date


For some of you , office politics or drama at work is highlighted. It’s best to ignore those that annoy you. Powerstruggles with those in authority , or with parent or the men in your life can happen today. For others of you , your routine is disrupted today and this energy can bring about major changes for you, or around you .


With this energy, you have some creative ideas that you may to think about pursuing at this time. For some of you , you want to make changes but right now these are more like ideas that you are playing with . Also with this energy, for some of you, you could be helping out certain family members or really bending over backwards to help out others today


For some of you, this is a social time for you, and new people come into your life. New experiences at this time brighten up would normally be consider a dull day. Jupiter conjunct the part of fortune today, the focus is more towards the things you love to do. Circumstances today are more in your favor


You can be very withdrawn and more into your feelings and inner world today. With this energy, you are taking your career or school very serious, and following the book on how to do everything. For some of you giving advice on being a parent for some of you. For some of you, your that person everybody goes to for help today , especially at work


You can be stuck in your ways when it comes to things that you want, it’s hard for you to be flexible with this energy. There could be a fight or a situation that happens today , that can make you be a bit obsessive in your way of thinking. Watch out for this energy because you are quick to make changes especially when your not getting your way


You need to protect yourself especially your identity or personal positions with this energy. Change is happening but your not having it , so try to compromise or be flexible with this energy. Not the easiest energy, so cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. At this time you are more about focusing on your feelings and how you feel. For others of you , you are more focus about your social life and play


You are stepping out of your comfort zone and being a bit more open minded to new experiences or trying new things. At this time you don’t like to be told what to do or you’ll check out mentally from work or the situation.At this time you don’t like to be told what to do. In fact you might feel emotional stuck , if someone is on top of you today


Can be possessive or jealous of your relationships today. You are not in a sharing mood, also you are attracting into your life chaotic situations so watch your emotional self at this time , and try to be more in the present. Neptune is conjunct with the part of fortune in the fifth house, be on the right side of the law today


Change is happening for better or worst , try to be flexible and go with the flow with this energy. At this time you could be avoiding any responsibilities and you are more about play at this time. Any drama that comes your way , you don’t want to be apart or you may have a quick fix answer. This can upset others with what you have to say. Even though you don’t feel like try to show some compassion


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