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November 15, 2016

TONIGHT PRAYER SESSION AT 10PM EST on the full moon some come connect tonight


Moon in the sign of Gemini in your tenth house change for better or worst is happening today. You need to watch your emotional self because you tend to worry to much with this energy. I feel with this energy, your communications skills are very strong and you can get others to see your way


Moon in Gemini today is forming a beautiful air trine. For some of you, you are guided by your intuition, you are very creative with this energy. You are very curious about certain subjects or people coming into your life today. At this time try to listen to what others are saying to you. Because this is either constructive criticism or you are taking things way to personally. Try to listen


I feel with this energy, you need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth, because you say things with out thinking. With this energy, you really don’t know what you want, so you maybe constantly changing your mind today. Not the best day to make decisions so make sure to get a second opinion. Watch for mood swings with this energy.


Change is happening today for better or worst so careful with this energy. For some of you, you need to make some major decisions and you could feel like your being pulled into directions today. I feel this is a great creative energy. For others of you, you could be living in your emotions, so try to be more about the facts. Than the stories you are creating inside your head.


With this energy, you are getting yourself organized with this energy. For some of you this is a very creative time for you, especially with money making ideas. For others you getting more into the Christmas spirit and decorating . For some of you feeling very creative in general with this energy. I feel today is a day to get things done


I feel for some of you, when your doing what you love to do, you really shine today. For others of you, you need to find freedom in your relationships in general. Also with this energy, people in your life give you great advice, but it’s free advice and you know what we say about free advice. Nobody listens because it’s really good advice


With this energy, you are very quick to adapt to any situation that comes your way. I feel also with this energy, it’s a good time to learn more about yourself or to even learn more about the occult or metaphysics with this energy.With this energy, you could be guided by your intuition today. For others of you starting new projects or a new chapter in your life


Changes today come from your relationships with others. You could feel like others are taking advantage of you. Or they may do something nasty towards to let you know the friendship is over. For some of you, if you do have a routine and your working on yourself this energy brings positive changes. If you don’t have a routine and need guidance on to your journey this road today is going to prove to be a bumpy road.


This is a great time for those of you with a second business. For others of you money making ideas are coming through today. For others of you a great day to receive recognition at work. For some of you, you may have to take more initiative when it comes to your money situation. I feel at this time bills can start catching up with you


Moon is forming an air trine 1,5,9th house. Keep the energy positive today, for others of you guided by your intuition , or you are very creative with this energy. Also good news can come your way. For some of you this energy can bring out some emotional transformation. For others of you a tendency to rebel today


This energy can lead to self healing or even emotional transformation. You may feel stronger and confident about certain things going on in your life. For others of you , your way of thinking in regards to certain situations is going to change. For some of you, your are being guided by your intuition today


New people are coming into your life but these are more acquaintances than friends. You move very slowly when it comes to getting to know new people in your life. Doing things differently bring a different results today. With this energy it makes certain relationships a bit intense. There could be mix signals at this time. For others of you allow others to be themselves.


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