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November 30, 2016


Today is also the first quarter moon. It means crisis in action or action


Moon in Sagittarius still dealing with issues you had with new moon in Sagittarius. I feel with this energy it’s moving forward energy. You can be impulsive in your actions or just being guided by your intuition. For some of you opportunities or you can benefit more towards the men in your life. I feel for others of you this energy could make you acknowledge things you need to change about yourself. This is going to be through the challenges and obstacles you have with others.


I feel with this energy, you are focusing more on your relationships. Especially taking extra care of certain people in your life who really need you. For others of you this could be taking care of someone who is sick or is going through a loss. You are present in other people’s lives today.


With this energy, you have to change your perspective on certain situations going on with other people. Your way of thinking might have a difficult time hearing some news . It’s not bad news , it’s just its not happening now or you might need to change somethings. In order to get what you want. It’s not a No but a slow yes

I feel at this time you need to watch your emotional self . Worry can lead to health problems or nervous disorder. Try to stay in the present . You have allot of planets in the sixth house when you are optimistic things tend to work themselves out. So try to be more optimistic , try to socialize with friends more, or focus on other people’ s problems today.


You still have that beautiful fire trine today. Very action orientated energy , things are moving forward for some of you today. I feel with this energy, you benefit through the women in your life . I feel for others you are very determine to get what you want. I feel for others of you , you are the creator and you make things happen


Your logical side is kicking a bit more and now your trying to understand a situation. For some of you, you are a bit more optimistic and can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.I feel with this energy, your perspective is changing and you are seeing things differently. Plans should work better than imagine today for some of you. For others of you, you are still going through but I feel it’s almost over.


You can be the ears of whats going on around you. You are more in the loop today, you are information central; people just want to tell you their business today.Things you never knew now you know. For some of you, you are able to quickly to adapt to any situation especially new situation that you find yourself in.


You could be the dolly baby today. Great energy for those of you in social media or media. You could even be trendy. You may find people go along with what you say and some people in your life even trust you more. With this energy, you are more willing to emotionally connect with others. You can find allot of ideas or inspiration through conversations today


I feel with this energy, you could be talking more about you today and your feelings. You are keeping everyone up to date on whats going on with you today. Don’t forget to ask others how they are doing? You are also a great storyteller today. From your experiences you have lessons to share with others.


I feel with this energy today, you could have moments of brilliance or sparks or brilliance coming into that brain of yours today. What ever is bringing you the most frustration today. I’m sure your over looking something but eventually you’ll get. Maybe even read the directions over and over till you do. Your going to have your moment when certain situations that you are going through today are going to click in and make sense


Today you can see big picture. You are able to see where other people are coming from . Also things that didn’t seem to make sense to you now seem to make sense. Or start coming together and stop looking so chaotic. This can be a good time for business, especially with creative endeavors. Also this energy can help you recognize your own self worth. How valuable you really are


Neptune is highlighted today, for some of you delving more into spirituality, and for others checking out of reality. Trust your intuition and you could receive some prophetic dreams tonight. I feel also with this energy you can be forgetful and loose your keys and cell phones today. It’s a good day to be more about yourself and your needs.


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