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November 30, 2016


Still dealing with that new moon energy. Still a great time to get your juju, hoodoo, voodoo, and santeria on. You could be more quiet and more in your head with this energy. You can be overly critical , so try to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off . Try to remember important paper work today, because this feels like a very rushed energy . Where details are ignored


When it comes to court, inheritance, relationships or even metaphysics ; you can expect the unexpected with this energy.Its more of a good thing and more in your favor so stay positive today. With this energy, you could find some information that you can use to help your cause. For others of you, truth can be revealed to you


You have a beautiful air trine today, you could be guided more by your intuition. This would be a good time to delve more into spirituality or the law of attraction today. For others of you, you could be more prolific in your creativity or delving more into your hobbies. For others , your helping out the people who are close to you. Expect some good news today


With this energy, you could be fighting with others. As they want to put their responsibilities on to you, or you could be trying to get out of a situation you promise someone. You still have a stellium in the sixth house , so your focus is still on your well being and your health. For others you could be working on your goals or your dreams


With this energy, you could feel the need to be out more today. For others of you, you could be moving up in social status, and speaking to certain people of power. You feel very important today because your social life is picking up. Others are coming for you , for advice and guidance


At this time you could be a bit more in your head. You have allot of things that are more of a thought than an action. I feel with this energy, this could be your emotional acknowledging the energy. That change is coming up so do try to be patient. Your feeling stuck in your situation. Today try to find the things you like about your situation to elevate your mood. And keep in mind every situation is temporary


We still have that new moon energy today, so this would be a great day to delve more into the law of attraction. You are quiet and more to yourself , you could even be a bit melancholy . With this energy, you could be more focus on one particular thing. At this time multi tasking doesn’t do you well so focus on one thing at a time


Jupiter is conjunct with the part of fortune. Watch your thoughts today keep it positive. Unexpected changes are happening for better or worst. Certain situations in your life, may have you adapting more to that situation or person. Because your way of thinking is not good in keeping this person or this situation.


You are very self aware of who you are and what you want today. I feel with this energy you could have an unspoken way about you. Especially in regards to love relationship. They could have a better idea of how you think and understand you need for freedom and independence,For others you could change the rules at work to fit more of your needs. Or change the way you create your art


You still have that stellium in your 12th house, at this time you are quiet and too your self. I feel if something is bothering you need to speak up. You do have some major turn of events happening today so try to keep positive with this energy. Certain situations maybe more difficult to control because they seem to have a life of their own. Or the situation is out of your hands. For others you can seem overbearing or oppressive so try not to push others around


With this energy, you could allow a group of people to have a bit more influence on your way of thinking. You could be guided by your intuition with this energy. You are very creative at this time and can initiate some new projects with this energy. The devil is in the details so keep that in mind because you want this to start very quickly. For others of you, you could find yourself you are right , and this could be a win in court


You could feel pulled into directions between what you want to do and your responsibilities towards others. With this energy, you may get allot accomplish today. You are very good at multitasking and creating balance in your life. If you are in a competitive arena either at work , school , or etc, you may find you quietly move forward with drawing so much wanted attention to yourself.


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