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December 26, 2016


So much going on today. This can be a time where you are more focus on your career or preparing for school. You are very ambitious at this time in regards to purpose, or ways of making money. I feel at this time you can be very idealistic with certain things. Or you could be filled with ideas at this time, but it’s harder to initiate some of them. Or for some of you it’s hard to focus on things that don’t interest you at this time.


With this energy try to be more about your own opinions and beliefs. Instead of believing what you hear. For some of you, this energy can be about emotional transformation and personal growth . For others of you could be more about your fantasy life as you try to cope with certain situations going in your life. It’s not easy for you today to look at your problems or to deal with them today


Relationships can change today with this energy. I feel at this time you could be questioning certain people in your life, and their loyalty to you. At this time try to go more with the flow because it is Mercury in retrograde. I wouldn’t end relationships at this time and only have them restart up later on. If who ever leaves you at this time leave , know you’ll be hearing from them in the next three months.


I feel with this energy, this is a great time to moving forward in certain areas of your life. For some of you, you are in a better head space with this energy. You are excited about the path you are on and your journey with this energy. For some of you, you’ll find your optimistic energy dissolve any problems that you may have. All of a sudden your problems seem to get resolved when you have an optimistic energy


With this energy, try to communicate what you are doing so others can be on the same page as you. I feel there is a lack of communication is going and you are kind of doing your own thing today. Which can cause problems with relationships or with partnerships in general. If you say you are going some where today or your going to be home at this time, make sure you are going to do IT !!


With this energy you are being made to make some changes at this time that you may not be willing to make. But if you don’t make these changes, you’ll just see more problems happening. This is a period of change for you, so it’s time to let go of things or people who aren’t helping you to grow. This energy is teaching you how to be adaptable and how to be adaptable very quickly to change


I feel with this energy , you need to learn to communicate today your thoughts and feelings. Instead of being passive because it could turn you into being more passive aggressive with others. Also with this energy, you need to becareful with who you help. Because others take advantage of your kindness and generosity. You need to watch your emotional self today because you can be very sensitive or confused with certain situations going on in your life


I feel at this time powerstruggles can happen with this energy. I wouldn’t expect anything to go right at this time. Careful how you speak to others because you could be very impatient with others. Also there can be miscommunications going on. For some of you, you are more in control over your situation. This can be a busy time for you with your social life


For some of you, you could make a good relationship counselor today. Or you could be pulled into other people’s crisis or drama today. Certain friendships or even love relationships, you two make a good pair and get things done . Today with this other person you are a force to be reckon with


Becareful with this energy , there could be powerstruggles with the women in your life or in relationships in general. I feel with this energy, you could be feeling used in certain relationships. Or there can be out burst at this time because you don’t feel like things are fair, or you don’t want to go along with someone else ideas. Try to bend or compromise a little bit today.


You can be a bit absent minded today so try to remember where you put certain things. I feel for some of you major turn of events can happen with this energy. Try to go more with the flow and remember everything is cause and effect. I see some of you being to prideful to ask for help and preferring to start from scratch .


I feel with this energy, you need to be careful with your actions because you are doing things on feelings rather than facts. You are acting upon them today. For some of you, your judgement can be a bit off, maybe at this time try to talk things out. Rather than react because you don’t like the way certain things are right now.


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