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January 5, 2017


Remember everything is cause and effect watch your emotional self today. For some of you, you make things happen today with your persistent and determination. Ego wants validation today, so you may want to watch your actions and what you say to others. For some of you , you could be starting over in a particular area of your life.


Change is happening today for better or worst. For some of you this could be changing bad habit or starting your new year resolution and working on that. Try to be open minded to new ideas or a new way of doing thing. For others of you this is a time for growth with career or business


I feel with this energy, you take on more of leadership position with a group. For others of you , you benefit through the women in your life. They may introduce you to people that will help you move forward with career, or you can make new friends through them. For others of you , you are telling people what you want at this time


I feel with this energy you need to make it about other people in your life. Others are calling you to their attention because they need you there and you may not want to be wrapped up in their drama. But keep in mind how many times they were their for you. I feel also others bring a different perspective or shed light on a situation for you


For some of you starting new projects either for business or just as a hobby. You have a real talent for understanding your own or other people’s personal integrity and truth. I feel for others of you, you need to go more with the flow today. Because you are taking things that people say to literal or you get easily offended


I feel with this energy you can keep parts of your life hidden or you don’t want to talk about. Your not ready or want to open about certain things in your life to new people, or just acquaintances. For others of you, you are not ready to introduce the world to a new love relationship just yet. Or you don’t know what you two are?


Watch your emotional self today. For some of you endings are coming with certain relationships. The timing is off we are still in a mercury retrograde. So like yoyo this person is coming back. For others of you this is taking initiative and begins the ripple affect because you took that step .


For some of you changes with career can happen. This is just switching things around or new rules all of a sudden , or even changing position all of a sudden . Disagreements with the opposite sex are coming up or with love relationships. Today you might be guided by your intuition. For others of you , you can read people


For some of you the focus is on those who are younger than you or on your children. For others of you emotionally connecting to others. For others the focus is on love relationships or dating. You are very playful and social with this energy. Also you can take what others say to heart or can take offense. At this time thats your Saturn in Sagittarius taking things to seriously.


Watch your emotional self with this energy. You tend to over react, and it could be because you feel restless. For others of you, you are wanting respect from others. Thats part of ego, and your not going to get it so let it go . I feel with this energy you prefer to be more to yourself . So plans at this time you could be playing by ear


This is a busy time with communications. You could be privy to gossip but you let everyone know whats going so every body knows whats going on. This could cause some problems with relationships,so it’s best to not repeat what was said. Or to say I don’t want to hear the gossip. Because it’s bound to get you in trouble. For others of you this can be a busy day running errands or catching up with things you’ve been putting off


I feel for some of you taking initiative or you could have more energy to get things done especially things you’ve been putting off. For others of you this is a time of growth with career. Change is happening and this could be with certain relationships in your life. For some of you these relationships are evolving for the better , and for others they are leaving you.


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