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January 9, 2017



You need to watch your emotional self with this energy. I feel with this energy, you could be very katty with this energy. Some of you , even seems you might be looking for a fight with a women in your life. Everyone is going through it not just you, so be mindful of others. Because you don’t want this to be a cause and effect thing


You may not getting along with the opposite sex today or with parents. Relationship issues are coming up with this energy. It’s best to avoid arguments, because you are fixed in your way of doing things. You aren’t being open minded with doing what others want you to do. So at this time avoid being or confrontations


At this time who ever needs to leave your life let them leave. Not the easiest energy try to watch what you are doing today and focus on you. You can be accident prone with this energy. You need to be about others and their needs. You can be prone to mood swing like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


With this energy change is happening and it’s not by your hand. This could be by the hands of others. I feel with this energy, you could be having difficulties with family. Or dealing with court. Trust your intuition with this energy, because you are a tad bit sensitive. Misunderstanding can happen today so ask others “what did they mean?” rather than assuming


With this energy plans for the weekend or this week are going to be made with friends. For others of positive news about moving forward with what you want. We are still in Mercury retrograde influence over the next two weeks these promises being made aren’t set in stone yet


Change is happening today.For some of you this is progress so be adaptable and go with the flow. For others of you expect the unexpected. With this energy you take more initiative and you may speak your mind or speak up more.For others of you , you have the energy to get things done.


Your fifth house is highlighted today, this can be your lucky day. Play lotto win $5 dollar ticket. For others of you exs, and uh ohs are coming back into the picture. For others of you , you are very inspired and it’s all about your children or your social life. Particularly people who are younger than you. For others of you problems with family especially the men in your life can come up. For some of you this could be dealing with jealousy, court , inheritance, custody or property matters


Change is happening today, careful with cause and effect try to bend like the palm tree you are. You have to learn to be adaptable at this time. For some of you, you could be your own worst enemy when it comes to relationships. You need to see big picture, if you need your space than communicate that. At this time you are more about your logical side than your emotional side. You could feel stuck in relationships in general.


Change is happening with this energy. The north node is forming a mutable square this energy brings lessons with relationships or you can benefit through relationships with this energy. I feel with this energy try to go with the flow, and be more adaptable to the new way of doing things. Or the wrenches that may come throwing out at you.


With this energy you have a beautiful air trine with your 2,6,10. You are getting things done with this energy. This is a good time to keep thoughts positive as they do effect your money situation. For others of you , you are being guided by your intuition today, For others of you, you have the green light and taking initiative with certain things in your life.


Still have allot of water in your second house, so watch your emotional self. I feel with this energy you maybe reevaluating certain relationships. May even burn bridges to toxic people in your life. For some of you, this energy is going to make you focus on what you need to do for yourself. Instead of being about others. Some times others don’t want you to fix everything they just want you to listen. Not everything going on in their life is a crisis. I feel for some of you , you might start to notice that


I feel with this energy you do have a beautiful air trine happening. So try to keep your thoughts positive. Or delve into faith consciousness with this energy, or even trust your intuition today. At this time people may challenge you or cause you emotional strife with this energy. Try to be logical about the situation what are they actually doing to you. Stick and stones will hurt your bones but names shall never harm you


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