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January 19, 2017



Change is happening and this can be with the women in your life. Watch your emotional self with this energy because everything is cause and affect. For some of you, you could feel used by others with this energy. Or you might be asking for a favor and not getting it returned. For others of you, for better or worst this brings about changes with career


As above so below with this energy. You have a beautiful earth trine with the asteroid triton. For some of you, you are able to walk away from certain people or situations. For some of you, you might be making big purchases with this energy. For others of you, you are relaxing into new situations


This can be a very social time for you, you are more about your relationships and socializing with others. For some of you making plans for the weekend. For some of you there is an emphasis on relationships with family. Especially those you haven’t gotten along with. Even relationships with those in authority seem less stressful with this energy


Family members especially the women in your life might be trying to test you or push your buttons, NOT TODAY SATAN !!! In regards to certain relationships you might be hearing some positive talks about your own personal growth at work. Or this could be such much needed good news at this time. For others of you, your networking is paying off


For some of you, you really speak with conviction with this energy. Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. I feel if something has been bothering , you are now going to speak your mind about it. For some of you this could be the straw that broke the camels back. For others of you, a fun time with love relationships


Today might feel overwhelming don’t try to take on so much or put so much on your plate with this energy. There can be power struggles with others with this energy at this time. You or the other person may not be willing to come to a compromise today. For others of you, you could feel like others are taking advantage of you with this energy. Or you can be more in your feelings at this time


CHANGE is happening for better or worst. I feel today you can feel exhausted with this energy, and may be drained by other people’s energy. Try to stay to yourself and find time to nap or meditate with this energy. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and keep it honest about what you can and can not do .


Cock those brains before you shoot your mouth off with this energy. You tend to say whats on your mind. Expect the unexpect today wrenches today are going to get thrown at you. Ruin your focus or people may get you involve in their melodrama, and turns out there wasn’t any real crisis.


I feel with this energy you benefit through the women in your life. For some of you making plans for weekend get away with them. For others of you, they can be blessings in your life bringing you help that you need. I feel you need to keep your thoughts positive with this energy because thoughts can become things today. For others of you good news is happening


CHANGE is happening today with this energy. You need to find balance between spending time with those you love or friendships and with career. Certain areas are going to need your attention. This is going to be through other people or pay attention to your feelings. If your feeling irritated pause and acknowledge the energy. Slow down your train and pay attention to who or what needs your attention


You need to watch your emotional self because you are all about your freedom. You don’t like to being told what to do with this energy. And you could feel that others are trying to control. Not the best day to making decisions so try to get a second opinion. Try to find freedom in your current situation. Moon highlighted in your ninth house this would be a good day to delve more into your faith


This can be a busy day for you, or for some of you, you don’t do well working under a due date. For others of you , you can feel overwhelm because you don’t know where to start. Try to say no today or don’t make promises you can’t keep because you might not be able to fulfill those promises. You might have to prioritize your time to get things done.


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