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January 24, 2017



The moon in Capricorn is forming a stellium in your tenth house. You have its a my way or highway attitude. For some of you, you do well in partnerships or working in teams with this energy. Not very good with sticking with plans, so don’t make promises you can’t keep. You aren’t quick to jump into situation nor are you quick today to give a fast yes. You tend to want to look into things and research them before giving your answer


I feel with this energy you are very convincing in your arguments, or converting people to your point of view. For others of you, you could be doing some on line dating with this energy. For others of you receiving good news today and for some of you being privy to certain information that can help you grow with your career, or you may get an update about what’s happening with your career.


With this energy you could be keeping tabs on how much you do for another person and how much they do for you or even how much they spend on you and how much you spend on them. For some of you this is simply going out with friends and noticing how much they spent on you for lunch . For some of you having fun on the forums or the social media. For some of some good old pillow talk going on today


For some this is a time of receiving good news, or you could be hearing some good news about moving forward with your career through those in authority. OR there could be travelling coming up in the very near future. This can also be you hanging out with close family and friends today and enjoying their company


I feel with this energy you can be fighting yourself with this energy. You may want to get things done today. But when you get to the task at hand you are more than likely working towards it or feeling overwhelmed. Break your task into little parts and work on it bit by bit. For others of you can be a bit hard on yourself because you can be a bit of a perfectionist with this energy


Change can be happening today. This could be more towards your personal life. A situation can disrupt your day and you could be to concern with that particular situation making it difficult to focus on anything else. For some of you this can be emotional transformation by letting go of certain people or situations that are no longer working for you


Expect the unexpected especially with careers. For some of you, try to bend for your employer because you could be getting into strong conflicts with them. Or even power struggles with the women in your life. You might not talk to someone in your life or you may have a falling out with someone. For others of you this can be an exciting time with growth with career or learning something new.


Today you know when to speak and when to shut up. You know how to talk to people and get what you want from them . You could feel more in control of your situation because of how convincing you are with others. For others of you this is a great time for sells or dealing with meetings or convincing others to come on team #Scorpio side. For some of you, you are careful with your words and you might be seen by others as being secretive. You are very clever with your words today


Relationship problems can come up especially in the home or with roommates. Good news is coming your way today in regards to career or money with this energy. A great time for socializing or receiving support from others with this energy. For some of you today, the mind is on the money and the money is on the mind.


For some of you, if your intuition is talking you may want to listen to it. Because it can lead you to lucky opportunities today. For others of you, you could find interesting ways to communicate online or fix certain communications today. For others getting rid of certain relationships that are draining and not helping your emotional self. With this energy you can be receiving good news coming your way. Or this can be a fun energy time at work or being more with friends


For some of you, you tend to base your views and ideas on other people’s views or opinions. Becareful not to get to many opinions involve in your love relationship because that can bring the evil eye to it. For others of you this can be a fun energy time doing something new with friends or going out and exploring your world with friends. For some of you delving more into your spirituality or even being guided by your intuition today


You need to watch your emotional self today because you can be moody or impulsive with your temper even outburst can happen with this energy. For some of you , you can be focus more on a particular group with this energy. For some of you , you could be inspired by others on the social media. For some of you, you might ask to come out when you don’t feel like it


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