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January 26, 2017



Moon in Aquarius in the 11th house with this energy you benefit through others. You might learn more from a friend with this energy. Or they can help you learn more about your career, or teach you something new. Or you could learn something new through the internet. For others of you could be starting on new projects with this energy. For some of you , a time of new beginnings in certain areas of your life


Watch your spending you can be overindulgent and more about your social life with this energy. For some of you things that you want to do or changes that you want to make are up in the air. For some of you , you could be changing your way of thinking and trying something new or a different way of doing things. Work smarter not harder to help you out. You are open to new experiences and open to new way of thinking


I feel with this energy policies can be change or court decisions can be over turn. New information can come in now that can be a game changer with career, court or with relationships. For some of you people can start talking about upcoming changes that are being made that others don’t know about. For some of you truth will be revealed today


For some of you,you are at a cross roads at this time with life direction or career direction. For some of you, you good be losing your momentum that you had in the beginning of the year. Or feeling frustrated because your not seeing the changes you want to see. Try to persevere through this energy. Part of your lesson in this life is to learn to see things all the way through. At this time you can overthink which can cause you to lose interest


You have a stellium in your seventh house, you tend to be more about your freedom with this energy. You don’t like to be told what to do and tend to rebel when others give you an order. You might go off and do your own thing with this energy. Or you could feel like others are being bossy. For some of you , you can expect the unexpected with others, or quick little weekend getaways can randomly pop up . For others of you , you could talk to someone you haven’t seen for ever


You can be more about other people’s problems with this energy. For some of you, you can be very original in your way of thinking, and can be very creative with this energy. For others of you, you can have the energy to clean house and get yourself organized with this energy. For others of you focusing on the self and even purchasing a self help book


Dilemmas today , you can be more about your needs than the needs of others. For some of you, you are more about your social than picking up hours for work. Don’t make promises you don’t want to keep today. There can be a fight with yourself, with your obligations and what you want to do . For some of you take your relationships seriously and you show your devotion and love to them


There can be power struggles with your personal relationships or with family. For some of you either selling a house or moving with this energy. Try to bend like the palm tree you are. At this time something may spark your interest or you might become more interested in a certain or person with this energy. Or you want to understand more about how a certain thing or system work.


Careful with this energy you are prone to mood swings with this energy. You have opportunities to start all over in career or with your life in general. For some of you this could be reinventing yourself with this energy. Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth. You tend to say whats on your mind more fluent.


You have an air trine with new moon in your second house. Thoughts become things with this energy , a great time to delve into faith or the law of attraction with this energy. For some of you difficulty with love relationships can surface and feeling of wanting to be alone can come up.Not the easiest energy with love relationships or relationships in general. At this time try to see big picture, at the moment your frustrated but situations do have way of turning around, and they always do.


You can be more your in head with this energy. For some of you , you can seize a moment, and for others of you jump on opportunities today or take advantage of situations. This is a great time for networking and meeting new people in your career field. Or who have the same interest as you. Your not going to get along with those who have a traditional way of thinking or who like their routine. For others of you there can be disagreement with others because you both are stuck in your way of thinking


For some of you, you might want to be more to yourself but other people in your life maybe wanting more of your attention, or trying to get to know you. Try to let down your guard and allow others in. You need to learn to make connections with other people. For some of you this energy brings second chances . For others of you, your way of thinking may change on certain situations going on in your life. For some of you new information can shed light on a situation. Good news can come your way with this energy. Or you can update yourself on your career


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