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February 9, 2017

Lunar Eclipse πŸŒ• β™Œ 5:34pm EST UTC TIME 22:34:14 is when it starts when the Eclipse is at its most potent February 10,2017 at 7:43 pm EST . Tomorrow we are still going through this Lunar Eclipse which ends 2:53 UTC TIME

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For some of you, you tend to find the answers you are looking for through others. For some of you friends are having or had the same problem as you and you can learn from them. For others you can starting new projects or guided by your intuition at this time. You do take initiative today and make things happen with this energy.


For some of you, you are taking charge over certain situations that concern you. For others of you, you can have dumb luck today. Or some good samaritan may come to your aid today or buy you a free drink. For others of you friends surprise or coworkers can surprise in a fun way to break up your routine with this energy


For some of you, you could be changing your way of looking at certain people in your life or your circumstances. And in enjoying your moment , and appreciating your relationships that you have with others. You can be more of in a place of gratitude and may go out of your for someone in your life


This is good news with money with this energy. For some of you second chances are coming up especially with money opportunities. This can be a positive energy time with business as well. For some of you, because of your optimistic energy you’ll find that your problems tend to resolve themselves with this energy.


For some of you can be guided by your intuition with this energy. For some of you can have money making opportunities, your income tax check is coming in today. You do well with problem solving and crisis situations today. Because you know exactly what to do and others look up to you. For some of you this is a great day to receive recognition for your work or what you bring to the table


With this energy you have an opportunity to make positive changes in your life or even new beginnings but you have to make it happen . For some of you, you benefit through your partnerships. For others of you, your relationships help you grow with this energy. For some of you this is a popular energy time for you and people want to be there for you


This can be a fun energy time for you. For some of you someone from your past is reaching out too. People can surprise at this time in a good way. For others of you this can be receiving recognition or good news with this energy. Positive changes are happening with this energy. For some of you, this is a time of creating more financial independence, or even starting your own business endeavor.


With this energy you can be too dependent on certain relationships for some of you. For others of you, you can be more nurtured or feel the need to be pampered today. For some of you, you could be assessing your life with what is important and what is not important to you. For others of you realizing who your friends and who are not your friends. For some of you , you are very innovative and creative with this energy.


For some of you, you can be testing driving new age way of thinking and basing off of personal experiences.For some of you delving into or a bit more curious about certain types of philosophy or ways of thinking. For some of you new beginnings are coming with this energy, time to rebuild for others, and second chances are happening.


For some of you, you know other people’s motives and you can read people today. This can help when it comes to negotiations because you know what the other person wants, or how to end this situation. For others of you, you can expect unexpected good news today, or you can benefit through partnerships today


With this energy you can benefit through others, others help you grow through word of mouth with this energy. You can receive unexpected good news or even unexpected opportunities to grow your business or your social media page. I feel for others of you today you turn in a corner in your life for the better .


For some of you this is a great time to be more independent and take on a more leadership role at work. For others of you at time of feeling accomplish for things you thought you couldn’t do but can. For others of you, you past down knowledge to others or others look up to you for guidance and think you got your stuff together. So they lean on you a bit more


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