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February 23, 2017

MOON IN AQUARIUS ♒ not the best place for the moon causes temper tantrums.observant, more talk than action


Today the part of fortune is in your 12th house great time to get your juju on . You can be more quiet and in your feelings wtih this energy. Very intense emotional energies today so careful with relationships in general. You can be very impulsives. For some of you this endings with certain relationships. You could have a disturbing dreams about others


For some of you getting closer to new love relationships or potential love relationship.Watch your emotional self today. There will be powerstruggles coming or heated arguments because you want to be right, but sometimes your answer is not the only right answer. For some of you, you can be focusing more on changing the emotional self, or turning a positive corner in your life


With this energy you have a better understanding of others and what makes them tick. For others of you, you have the ability to allow others to be their own unique self. You are able to bring that out of them and allow them to embrace their true self. This can be a very creative time for you as well as a fun time socializing with others. For some of you being a bit spontaneous and being out and about today


Mercury in aquarius is forming an air trine today. For some of you this is a great time for trusting your intuition. With this energy you can expose whats wrong or expose hypocrisy in others. You can be fault finding today. IF you don’t like someone and they are in your radar . Your quick to call them out today. So careful with this because eventually this energy comes back to you. You are right but all you can do is stand back and allow others to notice themselves.


For some of you, you could be learning for others. People are going to give you the tools you need to help you grow or to change your emotional self, but it’s up to you to use them. For others of you, you are given information that can be life changing for you. Or this can be news that can really turn your life around, or even give you an opportunity to start over your life somewhere else.


At this time not the easiest energy can cause anxiety or depression. Because you want to do things or make changes, but your not taking those physical steps . Try today when you start think I should do this , I should do that or I will, just start doing it . You can be a bit more in your head today and thinking or overthinking about certain situations that you cant control. You did all you can do now let go.


For some of you can think outside the box, or be a good problem solver. For other of you are very original in your way of thinking or doing things.Certain people or things can make you very curious. You could be even a bit interested about a new philosophy or even a culture. For some of you , you could be crushing on someone because they seem so mysterious to you.


Trust your intuition with this energy, you can have money making ideas with this energy. For some of you, you can find thoughts become things with this energy. For some of you this can be a lucky day. Try not to focus on the things going wrong and focus on other people’s problems. Watch certain situations resolve themselves out.


A great energy time for those of you in media or social media. What ever band wagon your on it’s going to seem like you are the leader of that band wagon. Sometimes this is a good thing or a good attention to have others times it can get you in trouble. For some of you, a busy time with social media communicating back and forth with others, or texting others today. For others of you making plans for the weekend. You can find your schedule for the weekend might be very full with lots to do


You might have problems with back and feet today careful with being on your feet all day. You have an easier time going with the flow today. Try to be flexible with this energy, because you don’t want to give in to certain people’s demands. For others of you not the best time to give out your opinion. Your way of thinking maybe a bit traditional for others, and not everyone is going to agree with your traditional ways of thinking. Be more open minded to the new information and a new way of doing things


Watch out with the mood swings with this energy. Today you initiate change this bring endings or new beginnings more by your hand with this energy. Today you bring a different perspective to someone else’s situation. For some of you , you are able to see big picture right now. For some of you , you say exactly whats on your mind and this can feel freeing , if not liberating to you


Not the best energy for business; it can be slow with this energy. For some of you, you need to think about bigger picture , what it is you truely want. Because relationships especially love relationship can be difficult because you have to bend or compromise. Or you might be bending allot more than the other person. So of you might feel the need to jump ship. Try to step back and focus on the real emotion there, because it may not have anything to do with them, but whats going on with you personally and emotionally. What is the real feeling and the real reason you are upset?


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