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sun conjunct chiron and mercury quincunx north node by Marie Moore

March 15, 2017

At this time we want to do the right thing but sometimes we feel guilty because we are hurting other people’s feelings. Because we don’t want to do what we were called upon to do . At this time if you made a promise you have to keep it because its consider bad karma if you don’t I feel also at this time , you might be put in a position where you need to speak up . But you don’t because your listening to other people sobs stories, and being guilt into taking a step back. Or giving in to their dams. Sometimes it’s part of are lesson to be more assertive and to raise are hand and to be aggressive when it comes to what we want. Because guess that person may had been alligator crying in front of you. But when you get home it’s you screaming and throwing the tantrum later. Speak up for what you want , raise your hand. The other person regardless if you wanted it or not would have took it #sun #pisces # virgo #north node 


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