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April 3, 2017

Yesterday #venusdirect today in the sign of Aries. Brings impulsive decisions also love in the air. But Mercury is now in Taurus. Making us have a bit more commonsense were not quick to move with new opportunities. This can be affecting on line businesses at this time. Because no one is quick to spend their money not as impulsive and think a bit more because we have more earth grounding us at this time. And allowing people to slow their way of thinking , rare sense aka common sense is kicking. Exs can come back at this time because of venus in aries , but we aren’t so quick to allow them back. Were thinking about it at this time, everyone is thinking more . So everything is a process at this time. Than we have mercury trine north node today. So we are also working on ourselves at this time. Making plans with this energy , moving into a new direction or even mulling over it with this energy. 


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