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April 3, 2017



TUESDAY :You have a beautiful water trine today so this can be really awesome energy or this energy can ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday.Taking charge of your life is available to you. Although you may have trouble with authorities, they can prompt you to assume greater command wherever you are able. Your own leadership may be severely questioned so that you can redefine your role in order to be significantly more effective and powerful.

WEDNESDAY :You can hear some good news today or thoughts can become things. For some of you this is a fun birthday time for you. Or hearing that you past a test with this energy. For others of you, you could find someone repaying you a favor. Or repaying you for your kind act.
THURSDAY:You can be feeling like others are taking advantage of you, or you are reading to much in what they are doing. At this time watch your reactive self because your looking to close at a person or situation. Give for the sake of giving eith er than that don’t get them. Because it’s going to make you reactive , and I would let the other person


TUESDAY :You can expect the unexpected today,you could be receiving a surprise turn of events with relationships.Or someone can give you surprising news that you didn’t even know was going on, some good juice aka gossip coming your way. For some of you, you are in it’s complicated relationship the more you pry the more they are going to push away. Its best to just allow the truth to unfold or let them reveal whats going on.

WEDNESDAY :Having a clear perception of yourself may prove elusive during this period as the boundaries that have defined you up until now may dissolve or become less rigid. I feel also with this energy certain relationships don’t have any rules or boundaries so you may be a bit confus about what role you play in their life. Or you could be playing things by ear and see where it goes

THURSDAY:You may have to make some difficult choices between the things you perceive as necessary to achieving your goals and those of maintaining a relationship. At times it could feel like an either/or situation. Creative solutions can be found so that both needs can be met in your life. This would be ideal for maintaining health and balance.


TUESDAY :Good news with getting a job can happen with this energy. Positive changes are happening today with this energy. Your money might be looking good, or your numbers on the social media are looking good. So you could be resting on pretty today. Try not to rest for to long or you could find yourself play catch up.

WEDNESDAY: Family member can errk you today because they want you to do what they want to do. You may not be up for it. Or you don’t want to bend over backwards for certain family members. For others of you this is you biting your tongue for the name of peace sake
THURSDAY: Don’t complicate your life today just be open and honest as possible. Or else you could find yourself back peddling . For others of you , you could be a great counselor with this energy. Or you can relate to someone else’s situation because you’ve been there done that.


TUESDAY : You can be receiving good signs today that you are on the right path. Or you could feel more stability with career and money.For some of you, you could be purchasing new technology for your business, or this can be latest in cellphones.

WEDNESDAY : You could be receiving good news with this energy. This can be with getting a job or you could be moving in the right direction with what you want. For others of you , you are in a better headspace today, and you are cool with your current situation
THURSDAY:Truth will be revealed with this energy, so who ever needs to leave your life let them. We have two weeks till mercury in retrograde they will be back.For some of you get the hell out of your head. You have no routine or structure this energy can be a problem for you. You can be dealing with issues with in yourself that you need to forgive and let go or change your perspective.


TUESDAY : As above so below today, you could feel emotional stable in your life. Or certain things are going to come together and you’ll know it’s going to be alright. For others of you, you can find allot of support from social media or for your art . You can be delving more into your creativity today or thinking outside the box

WEDNESDAY :This is a great time for getting things done. You can find plans or goals that you want can start manifesting themselves. This is a great day for positive changes , or this can be a great day for business or receiving good news with money. For others of you, you make things happen today

THURSDAY:For some of you, your strength could be tested with this energy. For others of you , you could find the ball in your court . For others of you change is happening . Today you can be torn by promises or obligations with what you want to do . Don’t make promises you can’t keep because others will hold you to them


TUESDAY : You need to be careful with this energy, relationships can be fragile or you can find yourself under attack with the social media. Pluto conjunct juno forming a T-square. Relationships in general can be intense this can be children versus parent or your partner needing more from you in regards to your love relationship.

WEDNESDAY :Saturn conjunct with the part fortune squaring the planets in Aries. For some of you, you are starting over in certain areas of your life. For others of you this can be a move happening. You may also be drawn to charitable work or supporting the efforts of those less fortunate. You see past the glamour and illusion that often tempt us in life, and will maintain a steady and realistic attitude in your business ventures.
THURSDAY:You can be more about your play but also this is a time of reflection, and you can see where you were wrong in certain situations. And what you could have done differently. I feel with this energy, you can be impulsive with your decisions, and going more with the flow. Like a rolling stone, no plan , no direction, just go


TUESDAY: Today you are putting your foot down with certain things and your not playing. You want your partner to do more in the relationships. Or this can be in relationships in general and creating boundaries with people. Your not afraid of confrontation in fact you revel in a good tossell

WEDNESDAY: For some of you, you are helped and healed when you help others going through their problems. You may find that this energy brings healing and a better perspective to your situation when you help others. For others of you, you make a good listener or counselor with this energy. You are more empathetic to others and go out of your way for them.

THURSDAY:For some of you, you could be fighting with yourself, or trying to stick to your routine or diet. For others of you, you can be avoiding doing favor for others. You can be fighting with yourself because others are trying to get you,to do what they want. You can be feeling guilty at the same time but sticking to your guns.


TUESDAY : A beautiful water trine watch your emotional self today because it can dictate the mood for the rest of the week. So don’t let this energy ride you like a bronco on a Tuesday and today is Tuesday.I feel with this energy, you can receive good news, or things in your life begin to fall into place for you.

WEDNESDAY : I feel with this energy you do well with partnerships. You can be getting along better with family. For others of you this is career direction, and making head way with career. This is a moving forward time with business as you can see more of a purpose unfold.

THURSDAY:For some of you a game changer is happening in your life.For others of you, this is a great time for media or social media. For some of you , you benefit through travelling or making plans to travel. For others of you, your way of thinking and doing things forever, or maybe for the next three months is going to change


TUESDAY: You really need to trust your intuition. You can have moments of deja vu today.For some of you this is delving more into your spirituality and seeing sparks of miracles with this energy. For some of you, you can be starting over in certain areas of your life. Or you can have a better understanding of yourself through challenges

WEDNESDAY : It’s going to seem like you are old self again . As you are more about your play. You bring the party anywhere you go today. I don’t feel allot of work will get done as you are bit of the prankster today but it’s all in good fun. For some of you this is a good time to be flirty

THURSDAY:Expect the unexpected today, this can be with media or social media. For some of you, people in your life can go out of their way to surprise you. And for others this can be the start of a whirled wind relationship.Or you can get allot done today with this energy. OR can be an extremely good mood today.


TUESDAY :Difficult choices with career, or this can be with relationships today.You can experience loss or separation today or this can be around you with this energy. You need to relax with your relationships because you can be possessive with your relationships. You may even be upset because you want some kind of loyalty with relationships or with followers.

WEDNESDAY:You might need to slow your way of thinking down. This can be a busy day for you and any wrenches that get in your way you tend to react on . So slow down your emotional self,because you don’t want it to ruin the rest of your week. For some of you this can be updating yourself with career, or thoughts of going a back to school. You want to be more about your social media page

THURSDAY: With this energy, you are not in a giving mood. You could be reactive because you give your time or even money to others. And than you start to think about how much you have less and it gets you reactive. Or this can be dealing with paying your bills , but along yourself to be reactive. At this time try not to be with lack energy.

TUESDAY: New beginnings are possible at this time, but you need to be consistent with this energy. You may have the tendency to hold all your feelings inside when obstacles become frustrating, but this will tend to build up and if you don’t have a healthy outlet, you may erupt with anger or resentment, which can be quite intense.

WEDNESDAY: I feel with this energy not everything is a crisis so don’t allow others to put you in crisis mode with this energy. I feel also with this energy that you need to compromise and bend and listen to what others are saying to you. Your communication skills are strong with this energy, and others are influenced or even inspired by you
THURSDAY : I feel at this time you might need to be the example with your relationships in general . What ever you sow now someone else will come along and plant it . I feel also with this energy you can’t force others to do what you want so give them their space. Also with this energy learn to say “NO”, don’t do anything you don’t want to do .

TUESDAY :Try not to stick to a schedule because you can get bored with this energy.Try to reshuffle your routine to make things interesting or take the long way home today. For some of you, this is a great time for those of you in media or social media. Because you have more followers following you, or people like what you have to say. For others of you this is taking on more responsibility at work.

WEDNESDAY: You can be more about your play or wanting to spend your money today so careful with your spending. Great time for business or you could benefit from others. People in your life may have to keep you focus on your school work or diet but you rather do other things. See their nagging as way of creating more structure in your life. For others of you people in your life offer you sound advice.

THURSDAY: You have the energy to get things done with this energy. You may be more focus on your goals, or picking yourself up from play and focusing more on your routine. A great energy for business and you could be taking better care of your things with this energy


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