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April 23, 2017

8pm Est Wed new moon Taurus 1 hour

You don’t take no for an answer and it can work. I do see you getting what you want this week by sticking to your guns. I do see a great week with career or with business; you could benefit through others with this energy. This a great time for recognition and praise for your work at school or in career. I do see things slowly turn around for some of you so just be a bit more patient. Or focus more on the things in life that bring you peace and happiness.


You are following your own drummer this week. For some of you , you are nontraditional with your career path, and you have more freedom or a sense of freedom in your life. For others of you, you could feel like you more time for you. You enjoy the simple things in life. I see material security and feeling more emotionally stable this week. Look for a great dose of artistic inspiration to lead you in a creative direction. You can accomplish quite a bit under the energy.


Powerstruggles are coming up this could be trust issues either with coworkers or with relationships. For some of you the focus is about a parent either thoughts of your parents are coming up. Or dealing with their problems. Or even just spending more time with them with get togethers or making plans with them. I feel you need to trust your intuition with this energy. This is a great time to communicate your feelings or even debate you would win . You could be doing on the job training or your focusing on school, which is going to lead to more money


You want to go in a life direction but your not trusting yourself . Or your allowing parents to get the best of you. Or financial stability to get the best of you instead of trust the energy. I feel you can be a perfectionist when it comes to work or focusing on work. You need to watch your spending this week because I see buyer’s remorse coming up. You need to becareful with others , because I do see you getting into it with someone. Either at work or with school and you can get humiliated or they could be bullying you this week. At this time watch how you treat others or talk to others this week. Some people are best left alone.


With this energy becareful with promise you keep because you wont be able to deliver. Or be realistic on what you can bring to the table and be honest on what you can do. I feel with this energy you can be receiving an apology with this energy. Also with this energy research money opportunities or business opportunities or investments that present themselves. Because they could be more of a lesson than a blessing. You could be getting yourself involve in something you know nothing about it and it’s going to cost you. I see love relationship coming up or a new love relationship blooming and it can be serious


I see fulfillment happening this week. I do see this being a great time for career or business with this energy. I do see emotional stability with this energy. You are more in control of certain areas of your life. The cards want you to know that you are making a great life decision. For some of you, you are collaborating with others on a project. OR this can be working on your website. Its difficult to talk to you about a particular situation or subject because you feel that you are moving in the right direction. So this is your journey and lesson that your soul needs to go through . Because you need to learn from this experience good or bad.


For some of you this is a great time for love relationships. And things could be getting serious with love with this energy. For others of you, you are thinking about the past with this energy. With this energy, you are very sentimental at this time. You could be purchasing new things but not ready to let go of old things because they mean something to you. Or represent a time in your life . Also your not aware nor care about your haters with this energy. Or that your not aware of what’s going on behind your back.


For some of you, you are kind of doing your own thing at this time and creating your own path. I do see new beginnings coming up with career, and with business. I see some of you walking from the past and letting the past go . I feel that a stable person in your life brings you balance, and stabilizes your emotional energies.I see some one providing for you, but you still being dependent on yourself. For others of you, this is a love relationship but your not really into this person. Or your not giving this person a chance. The trouble you have gone through and sees to it that your suffering will be short and a recovery of what you had prior to your unfortunate choices is coming soon.


You need to watch your emotional self because there could be an age difference or a generation gap happening . Where you are not relating very well to someone in your life. For some of you , you can be trendy on the social media. Or this can be a popular time for you on the social media. Or there could be lots of on line communication going on this week.Also with this energy watch your spending this week. For others of you relationships in general can be fragile. Don’t make impulsive decisions at this time. I do see you have somethings that are heavy on your mind, and your over certain situations. At this time really be realistic and weigh your pros and cons


Lots of people in your life that you are dealing with. You can expect misunderstandings during this time period. You could be questioning people’s loyalty to you . I feel at this time relationship with the opposite sex could be a bit strain. Or questioning the other person’s loyalty.I feel you’ll teach someone this week a valuable lesson . For some of you, you are dealing with a break up and your not feeling bad about or sad about it. At this time you like to keep the peace and avoid confrontation. For others of you past is coming back second chances with relationships can happen. For others of you new love can come in this week, but your not so quick to jump into a new relationship


This week the world is meshing in your favor. For some of you this is a great time for litigation or peaceful negotiations with this energy. The cards are saying this week , don’t just dream it ,DO IT !! I feel at this time this can be a busy week for you. Try to socialize with this energy because it’s good for you emotionally. For others of you, you are being a bit of hermit which will cause you to be lonely.For some of you, you can leaving certain situations on a sour note and hopefully beginning a new chapter on a good note


You can be sticking more to a routine this week, or being more to yourself. For others of you, you are focus on your goals, school, or career. For others of you, you are delving more into your spirituality and walking the walk. For others of you, you are more about the greater good. I do see people supporting you, and working behind the scenes supporting you. For others of you, I do see a move around you this week or planning on moving with this energy. Something is awakening in you, something that sets you apart. The transformation is beginning, and being alone in your own element helps you take the most advantage of this. Artists and musicians make their biggest breakthroughs


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