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May 3, 2017

Mercury is now direct in the sign of Aries. We are still going to go through the shadow period for about another two weeks, before it’s officially direct. For some of you, you can still be accident prone because your a bit impatient. Or you may get bored with certain subjects at school or with new things that you have to learn at work. Now over the next two weeks, those who came into your life during the mercury retrograde those relationships may end or quietly go away during this time period. Only to come back next mercury retrograde or even next pluto retrograde because pluto went retrograde during this time period. So it means you have lessons to learn from these people, or they are here to help you in some kind of way. Than in the next 7hrs neptune will be sextile Sun in Taurus . So not much may get done during this time. For some of you, you can be putting off some responsibilities, for others of you this energy can make you feel lethargic. For some of you this is coming up with money opportunities or this may be a time to start new things. Because it’s sextile these can be more thought than action. For some of you, you are being guided by your intuition at this time and trusting that.


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