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May 4, 2017



FRIDAY: This a beautiful energy with moon in Virgo. You can be starting some good habits, or even focus on your health with this energy. For others of you this is having the energy to deal with things you’ve been putting off. For others of you this is confronting your reality and taking care of business with this energy. This is a great time to start new projects, and this is a great time for business

SATURDAY:You need to watch your emotional self today. Because you can be over certain people feeding you lip service or not doing what you want. For some of you, you have a difficult time trusting certain people. For others of you, this is having to rely on someone who’s probably dropped the ball on you in the past. At this time try to have a plan B

SUNDAY :For some of you this is a great time for business. What ever project that you are focusing on today , you’ll get it done. For some of you this can be cleaning the house, or even focusing on your health and well being. For some of you, if your digging for the truth , you’ll find it today

MONDAY : Careful with this energy a mutable sign in your life or a Pisces person could be feeling like your being to demanding , pushy or bossy with them. For others of you, you could be trying to help someone at this time. And they don’t want your help it may come across as you being to pushy. At this time be a listening ear because they don’t want to change, or help themselves at this time


FRIDAY:You can be creative with this energy, this can be a popular energy time for you. For others of you a great time for media or social media. For others this energy brings about new beginnings or even planning. For some of you this is being open minded and learning something new.

SATURDAY:For some of you, you need to figure out what you want from a love relationship. I see your values changing, I see you conflicted between freedom and wanting intimacy. You need to be more specific with your needs so you know what you want. Watch your emotional self today, because you can feel stuck playing these roles that we play. For others of you this is going out with a new group of people and feeling a bit out of place. Try to enjoy yourself and relax

SUNDAY :Watch your emotional self today. Today you can be ask to look at things differently or put yourself in other people’s shoes. Change and be adaptable is the key for peace and to break your stubborn energy. For some of you , it’s time to let go and move on. For some of you have to reevaluate your true values. And figure out what it is you are really wanting

MONDAY :Watch your emotional self, this can be someone is in your personal space, or they could be messing up your office space. If you feel a bit chaotic in your head try cleaning your home or personal space because this can be where all the anxiety and frustration is coming from. For others of you, people are going to do what they want to do . Try not to be on top of them, because they could be just doing it out of spite


FRIDAY: For some of you, you might be rehashing the past in your head . As people come back into your life and you may play as everything is cool, but really everything is not cool. I feel you need to have this open and honest communication . Rather than holding things in and than let it go. For others of you , you could feel used in certain relationships. Because the person didn’t give you something in return , help for the sake of helping .

SATURDAY: For some of you, you could be accident prone. For some of you, you can be making some unexpected changes or initiating change today, because you need something new.For some of you, this is going to be in regards to relationship. Because your not getting your way in the relationship. For others of you this can be issue with parents or siblings who are older than you. Don’t cut them off so quickly because your mad at them right now

SUNDAY :You can be out and about socializing today or having a family adventure. For some of you this can be sparks of miracles happening. For some of you , you can be outside more and just being out doors in general. For some of you, this is not getting your way with this energy, or you can be at a disagreement with friends.

MONDAY : I feel with this energy this is a great time for being in a leadership position. This is a great time to pay off debts or end certain chapters in your life but on a good note. Try to keep everything as honest as possible because you tend to exaggerate what really happen. Or even in your mind you could see things kind of bigger than what they are. So try to be more about facts


FRIDAY:For some of you this energy brings surprise opportunities for love. This person might be older than you. Your insight is laser sharp and penetrates to the very essence of whatever you focus your attention on.For others of you, you get into the heart of what is bothering someone.

SATURDAY:You can be reevaluating certain relationships or even with career at this time. You can feel stuck in this relationship or you can be feel stuck at work because your not getting along with certain people at work. People in your life can pull you out of your routine today. You can find yourself to be a great mediator or a problem solver .

SUNDAY : For some of you, your guardian angels are watching over you or protecting you from the evil eye. Some people might get hurt in front of you. You always look for the best in others, but can find it difficult to keep your own standards. You sometimes need to retreat from the world to recharge. Unusual or strange difficulties, usually involving your partner, are possible.

MONDAY:Avoid gossip, you can be a victim of gossip because this is karmic debt. For others of you be about facts at this time. There can be confusion at this time in regards to communication. You tend to be unreasonable since your feelings often cloud your judgment. Your subconscious forgets to use common sense and reason and your impulsive speech can cause you much suffering.


FRIDAY: You may subconsciously dislike yourself and, if so, you must overcome this. You must learn to take car of yourself since you’re always pushing yourself to the limit. You are not one to sit around now-being active feels good. There is emotion tied to your actions, and it is easy to really get into something although you may lose interest shortly after the beginning. You are successful, however, at initiating things and in getting others interested in what you desire. Having an accurate sense of what is right to do, you are effective taking charge.

SATURDAY:With this energy, you can be showing others a new way of thinking or a new way of doing things. With this energy, you don’t like to be told what to do , and you kind of do your own thing with this energy. For some of you , you can be starting new business projects or creative projects with this energy.

SUNDAY :You’re abundant mental energy is good for debating and you communicate dramatically and forcefully, especially when trying to mold public opinion. You can be interest in topics about technology or science. Or you could buy yourself a really cool toy

MONDAY :You must be made aware of your obligations and responsibilities.If evolved, you’re able to channel and express ideas for the betterment of mankind. Try to be patient, at least enough to think through decisions before you take action; it may be very difficult to correct your course once you’ve put new structures in place.


FRIDAY: Great energy time for those of you in social media. You can be getting along better with others at work, or people can be more agreeable with you. You can be more of a leader of a group at work or even with a social group. There could be problems with close intimate relationships or friendships.

SATURDAY:This can be a popular energy time for you. Your out and about more with friends. You can find that everyone is in agreeing with you a bit more. For others of you this can be communicating on the internet and getting allot of likes for what you are posting.

SUNDAY :For some of you, you can be looking at a new way of doing things. Or you could be learning something new . Today you can do everything in moderation. You can be more about others with this energy. Or you can be a great listening ear.

MONDAY : What ever idea you have in relationship may not be the reality. How the person is presenting themselves to you. Is probably how they really are, and showing you what’s to come. You may struggle to keep things in the proper perspective, and remaining a disinterested observer is nearly impossible when you have an opinion. Taking time to recharge mentally is important since compulsive thoughts can take over. The potential is here for a deep awareness of the meaningful connections that are within and outside of you if you just stop long enough to witness them.


FRIDAY:You have acute perception, good dietary and hygiene habits, self-control of your emotions and stamina. Your energetic, psychic nature can be used in occult work or healing or in any service field, especially those helping the less fortunate. You’re able to sense danger and make adjustments to avoid it, thus often triumphing over hidden enemies.

SATURDAY: For some of you, you can be maternal or paternal towards a friendship. For others of you, this is friends looking up to you. For others of you , you are bonding with your family, and developing a deeper connection with this particular person. For some of you, you are socializing more with family or with friends you consider to be family.

SUNDAY :Trust your intuition, you can start a creative project today or a DIY project. For others of you, you are being guided by your intuition . For others this can be as above so below with this energy. You are a fixer in people lives. You are very generous with your relationships. You can be focusing on your relationships too today.

MONDAY :For some of you, you could be thinking about moving with this energy. Or even creating some endings with this energy, for some of you this can be ending certain relationships or even quitting your job . But this could be more of a thought than an action. Situations change so try to wait out and see if the tides change


FRIDAY:This is a great time to focus on business, or career. You can focus on school or business projects. You can have a powerful experience or a fun experience. But your being closed minded to trying or allowing this new experience to happen. This can be ending a toxic relationship for some of you

SATURDAY: If you can appreciate the value of conserving your resources and effecting change with a patient and disciplined approach, you can experience great accomplishment, although it may take the entire year. You may have the tendency to hold all your feelings inside when obstacles become frustrating, but this will tend to build up and if you don’t have a healthy outlet, you may erupt with anger or resentment, which can be quite intense.

SUNDAY : For some of you, you can be reevaluating who or what situations your attracting into your life and why? For others of you this can be thoughts of moving at this time because your current situation or feelings are not compatible where you are at .For others of you this can be with love relationship. Because the relationship is losing it’s passion or your not feeling it anymore

MONDAY :This is a great time for business or career, you have the energy to get things done . For others of you this can be starting new projects or initiating new beginnings . Your actions are geared toward change or reform, and you can improve the existing structures in your business projects. You also enjoy discussions that are intriguing or provocative, and are drawn to exploring the deeper mysteries of life. You’re also an effective teacher or counselor.


FRIDAY: The men in your life can be challenging or bossy. For others of you , you can be attracting aggressive people in your life because your Mars is afflicted. Try to be passive when dealing with these difficult people. For some of you , this is a great time for social media or media. You can benefit through relationships in regards to getting what you want or growth.

SATURDAY: Not getting along with parents or those in authority. You can be very opinionated or forceful when ti comes to getting what you want. For some of you, you need to become aware of someone duping or tricking into doing something you don’t want to do . Try to control the situation and don’t allow others to pressure you or rush you into a decisions. Because it’s not going to be in your best interest if your rush your decision

SUNDAY : The focus is towards the home and your personal life. Watch your emotional life , you can be restless or in fight mode with this energy. Love relationships can be sense of tension. There might be hidden expectations or assumptions, especially about monogamy and/or acceptable social roles and behavior, which can erupt into disagreements and create resentment. Clear communication is very important.

MONDAY : Not the best energy here. There could be power struggles with family or at the home. This can be over money with this energy. Or over what they want to do and you putting the breaks of it. At this time for some of you this is feeling stuck in your relationship or even stuck at work with your relationships there.


FRIDAY:You can be at the right place , at the right time. You know what others expect to you with this energy. For others of you, you have the ability to read people.This energy can be good news with relationships, court ,loans or property matters. For others of you focusing more on your well being or spirituality

SATURDAY:You can be more of a leader in a group. You have a take charge attitude and can get things. You are able to see things as black and white . You are able to make better decision or have common sense with this energy. For others of you this is a great energy to be out and about . You say what’s on your mind with out offending others.

SUNDAY :You can feel more grounded with this energy. You can be working with the earth and gardening and feeling that connection with the earth. For others this is spending time with family and making connections with those relationships.

MONDAY: Watch your emotional self there could be tension with certain relationship. Especially at work or even with those in authority. This can be you wanting things to be your way or do things your way. Other people could have a problem with that. Or not liking you taking control over their situation. Try to give other people their space

FRIDAY: You can be in a good head space with this energy. This can be a great time for business, or receiving the recognition that you need. For others this can be growth with home business. You are feeling more emotional stable at this time because you got paid. So you need to learn to detach from the almighty dollar. Because it dictates your emotions .

SATURDAY:At times, you do experience emotional outburst that can be disruptive to relationships. This is because you are focus on the task at hand. So its’ like a wrench being thrown into the spoke it wrecks that focus. So knowing we can slow down acknowledge the people around us and be their for them .

SUNDAY :This is a great time for socializing you can be invited out with this energy. Or you can be more out and about than usual . For some of you need to trust your intuition. I feel you know when someone is needing a listening ear today. For others you have the ability to read situation.

MONDAY :You’re very original and independent with a sense of drama you’re able to express positively. You’re very intuitive, broadminded and have a sense of universal brotherhood . You are more about bigger picture with this energy. This can be a time of good news . Things in your life falling into place


FRIDAY:For some of you this is a great time for business or career. You may have the physical energy or will power to stick to a routine. For others of you the focus is towards health and good news with health. This is a time of emotional growth with this energy. This energy benefits those with online business, health or counselors.

SATURDAY:For some of you, you could be dealing with difficult people. It’s best to passive because that person is obviously going through some stuff. Try to create personal boundaries with others. This energy is here to test you, to see if you understand how to control yourself and the situations that present themselves to you.

SUNDAY : For some of you this is a social time for you. You have a bit more common sense than others. And you love to help others and listen to their plight. For others of you this can be flirty energy. For some of you , you can be getting along better with people you don’t normally getting along with .

MONDAY :This can be a strong energy for psychic energy. For some of you this is your way of thinking or certain beliefs ending because they are not conducive with your present. For others of you this can be implementing changes and getting rid of things that you no longer have use of. Or this can be deleting people for social media or closing your social media pages


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