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May 9, 2017

In 6.5 hrs the north node moves into the sign of Leo. Check out your monthly horoscopes because I did explain a bit what happens to Leo in each house. Not the best placement for the north node. Because this is a time when people are more to themselves with this energy. More focus on whats going on with their needs , very creative energy. This is a time were it’s difficult to keep friendships.Either they end by your hand or they leave abruptly. A great time for love relationships because your more about your relationships. This energy also brings about leaders during this time period. North node brings about the traits of Leo as well. So pride can be a concern with this yearly transit. You want a certain amount of loyalty from others and respect. Sometimes we can’t get that, so you have to learn to be cool with that, in order to maintain peace with that person or let them go . Than in 6.5hrs with have Pluto trine the Sun. This is a great time for plans or situations that have been going on for while to start moving forward. For some of you those promises that your job has been keeping or telling now things begin to move forward. This is a great time for growth with career, you can be trusting your intuition a bit more. You gain from other people’s loses. And you are more motivate to make changes


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