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May 20, 2017

In 5hrs sun moves into Gemini. Not the easiest energy here anything you start now you wont finish. You can be a bit restless with this energy. We love change now, so work can be a bit boring and more into a routine. Relationships at this time can be a bit routine and boring. You could find yourself socializing with friends more or going out a bit more. We are not quick to allow any new in our life, we are bit cautious about who comes in. We aren’t quick to quit our jobs at this time. For some of you this energy can cause migraines, or even anxiety. Than we have sun in Taurus square north node, so we can put off things at this time. We can be a bit moody with this energy and quick to react rather than understand people with this energy. For others discipline is needed at this time. You can feel a bit scattered brain with this energy. Venus opposite jupiter, not the best energy for relationships with the women in your life in general. We tend to make promises we can’t keep, or say things we didn’t mean to get our way. For some of you, you can take advantage of opportunities or other people with this energy 

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