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May 25, 2017

Since the 16th one of the longer transit coming up this month and all the way up till June 23rd. Are the planets moving into Gemini and Cancer opposing Saturn. So at this time this can slow down business growth for some . Meaning business is coming in but a slow progression with growth at this time because Saturn is in retrograde. So there is going to be more obstacles in our way in regards to growth with business. For some of you this is a great time for going back to school, spirituality or updating yourself on your business. Because Saturn in Sagittarius is all about that ninth house energy which is schooling, or even communication. But the planets are opposing at this time with the planet Saturn in retrograde so things at this time. Even though we ask for them are more promises of things to come or plans to come at this time. For some of you this can be difficulties dealing with others. Because people tend at this time to take things personally. Last year in May we had allot of tragic worldly events happening, and deaths. This time around we still have tragic events but also the challenge is trying to get along with each other. And learning to use Couth at this time. We need to more about others and less about ourselves and whats in it for us. As the sun and other planets will be entering Cancer. Mars to be the first still opposing Saturn . Change is very difficult at this time in June. So we are more reluctant with change especially if it’s not are idea. We could be revisiting past issues because we aren’t emotionally over it ,and still processing the situation. So any advice given during Mars in Cancer will be put on death ears. So we have to learn to be the example. And allow people to emotionally process change at this time 

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