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May 29, 2017


TUESDAY:Surprise or unexpected good news can happen today. For others of you, this can be benefiting through the women in your life. And them helping you out in someone way. For others this can be getting a job today or a promotion. For others of you when you ask for help or what you want you receive

WEDNESDAY:Your very action orientated with this energy. You are more of a fixer in your relationships. You know how to guide everyone and get things started or this can be starting group projects with others. You know how to organize and use everyone to the best of the ability

THURSDAY :You need to slow down the train because things that you can do for yourself. You just need to get up and do them to do. Because others can feel used by you . Or you need to slow down and relate to them and be more about their feelings. Your not willing to look at what you’ve done but sometimes people need that lip service to validate their feelings. Its like a shot than it’s quickly over


TUESDAY:For some of you, you are not confronting the elephant in your life. You are covering it up by being busy with everyday things . As a way to deflect or avoid the elephant in the room. I think the elephant is going to come out on Thursday. So it’s best to confront the elephant in the room instead of avoid , and avoid.

WEDNESDAY:There is a stellium in your second house with Mars still transiting. You can be forgetful, so try to remember any bills you needed paid. OR organize your thoughts the night before and prepared. Because I feel you could do something like help out others but than realize you needed that for you . Or you needed that day off because you already made plans

THURSDAY :For some of you, you need to becareful with your emotional self. Because stuff that has been bothering but you been pushing it down, is going to come up today. So try to communicate your feelings to others. Sometimes you have to learn to speak and say “NO” and create those boundaries with others. Because your really not a push over.


TUESDAY:You can be a big dreamer, or you are making your birthday plans. These plans are going to be over the top with this energy. For others don’t try to force your point of view or way of thinking on to others . All you can do is be an example, and do the walk. People don’t follow right away but the more you walk your walk, the more they’ll be like this works

WEDNESDAY:You have a beautiful strong air trine going today. Allow your intuition to take you . You can be at the right place., at the right time or you know just what to say to someone today. For others of you this can be coming up with money making ideas. You could find birthday wishes coming true .

THURSDAY : For some of you, you don’t like it when others are giving you a list so long. And throwing responsibilities on you and not giving you a pat on a back or thank you. So your not going to be in the best of moods. And unfortunately this energy is teaching a lesson about being giving for the sake of giving. If you catch yourself complaining , know it creates more problems. Because you are attracting more of what you don’t want.


TUESDAY:A great time for business and career. You can be very lucky with money with this energy. For others of you this can be inheritance coming in, or even good news with a loan. For others of you , you can benefit through others.For some of you, family knows that something is wrong and sometimes they like to meddle. For others of you this is not getting along with family at this time, because they want your time. Or they want to rehash things that you don’t want to rehash

WEDNESDAY:This is a great energy for career, and business . For starting new health routines or being more about your well being. But you could have tunnel vision at this time. So at this time anyone who wants as a listening ear, your going to blow them off. Now how many times has this person been there for you. Take a break and be present in your family lives or those who want your ear at this time

THURSDAY : :”What’s the matter”, What’s wrong,” this is probably what you are going to be hearing today. Because something did happen today, someone did criticize, or is not listening to you today. Which is making you shut down. You are very much in your feelers today so try to get out them. Your feelers are not your friend. But after you get out of your feelers , you pick yourself up and do something about it


TUESDAY:You have the ability today to see big picture or end result. For some of you this is starting business projects or creative . For some of you its difficult to stick to a routine or a schedule with this energy. For some of you don’t make promises you can ‘t keep. For others of you, you can be a bit idealistic with this energy. You are in a good head space at this time

WEDNESDAY:For some this is a busy energy time or you can be in a good headspace with this energy. If there are test to pass at this time you will. You may not be getting along with the women in your life. For others of you through challenges with others, you can develop a sense of understanding and connection , this is after fighting with them and the dust settles of course.

THURSDAY :You are trying to create the peace but at the sametime you are bottling up allot of what should be said. At this time for some of you, you don’t feel like you need to speak your peace on a subject. Because you don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings or basically say , “I told you so.”


TUESDAY:For some of you, you need to change your way of thinking, or your way going about getting what you want, especially where others are involved. Your way of doing things doesn’t seem to be working, and you may have to change tactics, or you may have to do more.

WEDNESDAY:For some of you this is a great time to receive good news. For others of you , you are the dolly baby at work and you have more freedoms to do what you want. For others of you this is thoughts become things with this energy. For others of you this is getting along better with others. Or even finding that this is a great day for negotiations or collaborations.

THURSDAY :Change is happening at this time. Who ever has to leave your life let them leave. For some of you this is dealing with loss and separation with this energy.This can be a fun energy time for teaching others, or getting your point across . For others of you this can be a magical day where things you say seem to happen


TUESDAY: The focus for some of you is on your health with this energy , and working on the self. For others of you this is getting along better with those at work. Today you are able to remove what is no longer working for you and getting rid of it.

WEDNESDAY:This would be a great day to delve into the law of attraction or even the occult. For others of you trusting your intuition today. For some of you this is receiving good news. For some of you, you feel more connected to the earth. This can be with gardening or eating outside but it brings a source of love energy or divine energy into your life

THURSDAY :For some of you, you have an easier time being a mediator, or explaining things to others so they don’t feel like someone else is telling them off. For others of you, you can have a better understanding of other people. And you may have figured out how some people work


TUESDAY:For some of you seeing is believing today. You can’t believe someone else’s talk you have to experience it for yourself. This is a great time for creative endeavors , you are receiving allot of support from others in your field. Or this is a great time for entertainers and business is picking up

WEDNESDAY:For some of you re evaluating certain relationships, and keeping people at a distance. For some of you be about facts today. Don’t allow others to manipulate you . You know what you saw and that’s what you saw. For others of you, get that paycheck behind that promise.

THURSDAY :This is a great time for media or social media with this energy. For others of you this is a great time for business with this energy. You can experience some obstacles or delays at work so patience is needed at this time. For others of you this is issues with the men in your life .


TUESDAY:This would be a good day for business with this energy. For some of you, you can feel on top of your game at work. For others of you this can be put into a leadership position or having more of a sense control at work.For others of you this is starting a new health regime, or even being more about your health and well being.

WEDNESDAY:Today you might be see the good and everybody today or you can be too trusting of others. For others of you, there is no sense in telling you about someone, because your going to see what you want to see. This can be with a new love relationship and seeing what you want to see at this time. For others of you, this is not giving someone a chance.

THURSDAY :For some of you, you need that “Thank you”, and family members may not be giving you that thank you because they expect you to be giving. Sometimes we have to do things for sake of giving and forget about that need to be validated.


TUESDAY:Some one in your life may put you in crisis mode today. Know that there isn’t any crisis and everything works out. For some of you, you are required today to make quick decisions with out having any facts. Be about those receipts and facts and take your time making a decision. Because I know how you get when your rushed

WEDNESDAY:Not getting along with certain people in your life. You will probably have intense relationships in which you get locked into power struggles, possibly through obsessive jealousy on the part of one or both partners.You benefit through partnerships at this time. There is evening plans to travel for some

THURSDAY :Endings and new beginnings are coming up today. For some of you starting over in a certain area of your life. I feel at this time this is more by your hand. This can be more to do with people in your life. You may have out grown them , or you may figure that you have nothing common with them, or they could be taking a different path than yours.


TUESDAY:I feel the focus is on your relationship the struggle could be real with love relationships especially. Because your being asked to compromise and be patient with your partner with this energy, For some of you, you can be a contradiction , you say one thing but do another

WEDNESDAY:For some of you, your not as funny as you thinking. So try to read others before you try to be silly or do things to get a joke or a rise out of someone. You need to be more about others and their feelings . You can be a bit more about you, and not realize how you are affecting others.

THURSDAY :You need to trust your intuition today. You can be very inventive with this energy. For others of you, you keep it real and say what you need to say. For some of you people appreciate your honesty and open communication. You’ll find you are able to gain people’s trust and respect


TUESDAY:For some of you expect the unexpected today. You can benefit through others with this energy. This can be business picking or a positive turn of events with career. Careful with dealing with manipulative people today. Some people are jealous of you so let them be,mental anguish suck. So let them be in their own mental hell

WEDNESDAY:Very good day for sticking to a routine, for others of you this is with career. For some of you a great time for good news with media or social media.For others of you this is working on the metaphysics or being more about your wellbeing. Today you have an opportunity to get things done , or be in a more peaceful mindset

THURSDAY :You can find relationships at home to be challenging at this time. You can have mood swings with this energy. For others of you, you can feel like responsibilities or bossy people can make you feel stuck . This can be feelings stuck at work or with love relationships.


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