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June 5, 2017

Lots of energy shifts happen today and yesterday. Today Mars goes into Cancer careful with the decisions you make there quick and based on the emotional. I feel for Libras this will be good think and for Capricorn ‘s because they tend to take to long with making decisions. Sun square Neptune , and the Sun still in Gemini, so it’s difficult to keep track of things now. You need to be more in the present with this energy. More about facts and what you see not what others tell you. I feel promise can be made at this time so the other person can get what they want. I feel for others of you this can be with love and missing all the redflags. Or this can be with friendship and rushing into relationships in general and avoiding the redflags. Right now with the planets in Taurus and Cancer we want to be in relationships and we want friendships and companionships at this time . Mercury square north node , at this time you need to slow your way of thinking and use couth with this energy. Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. You could find that your opinion is a bit off or inappropriate with this energy. For others of you this can be doing extreme trends with diet so careful with this energy. For others of you careful with the social media and giving your opinion 

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