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June 12, 2017

Change is happening today, you could be feeling like other people don’t have your back or you expect more out of them because of all the things you do for them. Think about it before you jump because you can regret your decision later on. For others of you it may had seem like a good idea at the time but maybe not, recalculating, recalculating , recalculating

You can be trying to people please others or play by other people’s rules. But later maybe not this week this issue is going to come up in all it’s bull in a china shop glory. Sometimes we need to speak are mind so all this mess inside doesn’t come out in a big OMG, kind of way. Try not to talk about your relationships today. Because your values are changing at this time, and others are not helping you make decision. This can actual be a confusing time about what you want

Don’t repeat what you hear, you can be involve in some kind of scandal today. Stay out of the gossip. For others of you, you could feel like you give to much to others, and get nothing back in return. Help for the sake of helping. For others of you, you could be very sensitive to people remarks or comments. Try to take things today like water off a ducks back or stay off the comment bar today

This can be a social time for you, for others of you, you could be more about your play or your social life at this time. For others of you making plans to travel. Trust your intuition today because it can lead you to some unexpected opportunities.For others of you, you are dictated by your emotional self, If you feel good you can initiate new projects today

Some people in your life maybe a bit to needy. Or you could be on your last dime and they could be making you feel bad to give to them. For others of you, you could be feeling guilty because you can give like you want too to others. For some of you, just being there for some one else is enough

For some of you focus on you today , not whats going on in everyone elses life. Try to go more with the flow , you tend to micromanage your situation or your relationships in general. I feel there could be some missed opportunities because you took your time thinking about things, or preparing paper work.

For some of you, you are very creative and delving into hobbies. For others of you thoughts could be come things with this energy. For some of you, you could be closing up certain chapters in your life. Or working off your debts, or even focusing more on your health. For some of you this can be a great time to get your feelings out and say exactly what’s on your mind. Your honesty and openness is appreciated today. For others of you, you could find others being giving to you.

For some of it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease . For some of you, you don’t allow others to poopoo on your dreams, or tell you what you can or cannot do. Maintaining a balance between giving and taking is one lesson of this period. Experience is a great teacher, and you may have certain adventures that allow you to understand more than you ever considered before. Try to recognize the meaning that underlies what you accomplish as well as in the ways you fall short.

You can be giving someone in your life an ultimatum. You might be questioning your actions and why you do certain things. So try to think before you act because your going to regret your decisions.I feel also your not very open to new ways of doing things. Or your not convince at this time. Lots of communication going on with others. But try to give for the sake of giving not what someone else can do for you.

For some of you, you can be initiating some endings or new beginnings . For others of you this is a great time for business with this energy. You can be coming up with money making ideas. For others of you domestic troubles are coming up today. For some of you this can be dealing with loss or separation

You could be a bit rebellious with others, you tend to not listen or follow directions. Or you want to do things your way and not the way there suppose to be done. Try not to be preachy or a know it all with this energy. Because sometimes we just need to be the one to plant the seed and walk away. For others of you this energy brings about an adventure or a new experience coming up. This can be growth with business

This is a great time to express your views and get your point of view across. For others of you, you could be trendy on the internet. Or revolutionary with your way of thinking or doing things. For others of you, you can bring a game changer to the way you do business. Risks that you take now typically turn out favorably, and you can experience success by being at the right place at the right time.When you do what makes you happy opportunities seem to just flow to you


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