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June 13, 2017

Decisions you make today will have an impact on other people lives or may effect or affect others. For others of you this is all about your ambitions and goals and this energy is going to test. To see if you really want out so your persistent is going to pay off. For others of you, you are more about your financial security, and your career. You want your stability and you could be thinking about other ways to make money, or even thinking about going back to the workforce, or even getting a second job

Your not open minded or looking at big picture today. You could receive some news that you don’t want to hear or that you have to agree too. You have a difficult time following other people’s lead or there could be power struggles today because you want others to listen to you. Sometimes for peace and bigger picture , we can’t see it now but sometimes we have to compromise and be more about greater purpose

Some good news coming your way today. For some of you, you benefit through others. Or this can be plans of you visiting others or plans of others coming to see you. This is a very social time for you. You can be very creative with this energy. Or others can teach you something valuable with this energy. Some thing new is coming up today and this can put you in a positive mood

You need to watch your emotional life today. Some unexpected changes that are happening either at work or with someone in your personal life. But your making it about you and how it will affect you . At this time be there for the other person and make it about them. It’s not your problem, it’s their problem and has nothing to do with you. You could be reacting because their reacting to the situation. For some of you, this is people in your life moving away and your going to be missing them

Change is happening today , and it’s not by your hand. This can be breaking certain traditions or ways of doing things that you don’t want to break and that you want to keep going. For some of you, you have a difficult time being open minded to other people’s beliefs or traditions. Try to bend or be open to listening when other people are talking about their point of views. It’s good to see both sides of the picture to make a better judgement

Not the best day for business. But Jupiter is now direct so this would be a good time for the power of prayer with this energy. For some of you, due to disagreements or people not agreeing with the way you do things. People in your life could be leaving your life at this time. You need to be careful about criticizing others. Others could feel like your judging or expect more out of them. And this can frustrate others. At this time careful how you speak to others or what you say. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and try to relate to them

At this time family could be trying to convince you to make certain changes in your life. Or they could have a different direction that they want you to be on board with , and at this time your not feeling this direction at all. I feel this is a great day for as above so below. Your very creative at this time, and your trusting your intuition today. For others of you try to be honest when you are speaking about a situation or others with this energy. For some of you , you can be a bit fanatical when it comes to seeking validation for your feelings or you want revenge. Your not going to get either so try to let go of these feelings. Because the other person is winning by you be all in your feelings about them

For some of you this is a good day for recognition. Learning a new way of doing things , or this is starting a new routine. For some of you, this is good news with property matters, or a loan, or even inheritance. For others of you this is getting along better with family members today maybe even planning something to do with them during the weekend. Or hashing out each others differences.

Careful with this energy, I feel you can be too much for others to handle. You can be more about your play or not taking their issues personally or making it about them. For others of you careful what you post on the media because others are not going to agree with your opinion or like what you have to say. In regards to career, business or the social media artist. You could be making steady but slow progress so hang in there

For some of you, you could have different way of doing things or different beliefs. Today you can see that more in your relationships. It’s not a bad thing but you can see where you two differ. For others you bring something new to work and people their may not be ready for new. OR they could be threaten by your ideas because it can be that you’ll get them out of a job . Some people maybe quick to turn down your ideas because they see you as threat

Power Struggles with relationships can happen over you being more social with the family or you need to be more about people and spending time with your family. For others of you, who ever has to leave your life at this time let them. It’s that ☊♌ , in the seventh house. You can be chasing people out of your life with this energy. Because of the way you treat them. So try to be self aware of how you treat others. For others of you this can be you ending the relationship.

For some of you this is a good time for business with this energy. For others chiron is moving into your second house and it’s not well aspected so it’s effecting your money situation. You can expect some sleepless nights with this energy. Also you can have a difficult time keeping focus with work, because your more about your video games or your hobbies. For others of you, this is allot of emotional tar coming up to the surface that you need to work on letting go


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