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June 14, 2017

With this energy you need to help for the sake of helping or don’t help at all. You could have a what’s in it for me kind of attitude. OR you can be playing with someone’s emotions. Kind of like dangling a carrot in someone face and making them jump. That idea only works so far till the other person’s gives up and walk away.I feel with this energy there could be a shift at work or different way of doing things. You have to get on board kind of quick with this energy. For others of you, keep it honest with others and be kind to others. Forgive and let it go because it’s not worth it

You could feel like certain people in your life are on other people’s sides instead of being about you. You could see a shift with friendships as others start getting chummy with new people/ Let them it’s best not to say anything because energy will change again and things will be back to normal , if you want them to be. For others of you, you could feel restless or overwhelmed with this energy. Try to prioritize and plan your day out. Remember do one thing at a time, multitasking isn’t happening or delegate today

Lots of thoughts going on here today.Thinking about changes you should be making but you allow what’s comfortable to keep you where you are. At this time these thoughts are just that ideas till you can step out of your comfort zone and go into the unknown. For others of you, you could feel like you need to change or make changes in certain area of your life, but may not be ready for it at this time

For some of you, you could be delving more into metaphysics or your spirituality at this time. For others of you, you could have a deeper understanding how certain people in your life work and what makes them tick. You get along better with others because you have a better understanding of them. Careful with decisions that you make at this time there could be endings , and this can be your emotional self talking to you. It’s best to get a second opinion. For some of you this is move, or this is falling out with roommates or with family members.

For some of you, you may want to be more to yourself and not engage with others. Or deal with people today . For others of you, you may have to make sacrifices or adjustment at this time to meet the demands of others, so you can have more peace in your life. But your not so quick to do that today. For some of you, you bond with certain relationships with over your favorite things , Tv shows or video games. For some this is a great time to connect with your love relationship

For some of you watch how you treat others, or the games you play. For some of you, you can be very manipulative with others, and this could be visa versa. For some of you, you could be trying to make other feel bad or feel sorry for you, but I don’t feel like this is going to work. I feel that you may have done this to many to this person. For others of you this can be someone playing on your emotions to get what they want from. Be about receipts or invoices when it comes to giving out money, but don’t expect to see that money ever again

For some of you, you could be a bit more curious about new age thinking, religion or other people’s traditions. For some of you, there is allot of online communication or even plans to travel for some of you. For others of you, you can be more about your play and socializing or planning for the weekend. For others of you this is change happening but more by your hand. You could be following your intuition and starting new projects or revisiting old projects. For others of you this is learning something new but having a difficult time concentrating

You could be guided by your intuition or sensitive to the energies around you . For some of you starting new projects or starting a new routine but know that this idea maybe short live. Because you probably do to much in the beginning or can feel overwhelmed . Others could be emotional dumping on or trying to connect with you but your not going there with them , so this could cause some awkwardness

Any challenge that your going through at this time, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And your optimism helps you to get out of what ever situation or gives you peace of mind today. That everything is going to be okay, this to shall pass. For some of you, your anger issues may come up and acknowledge that your hurting and you feel betrayed. It’s not anger, what is the true feeling and acknowledge and let it go . Your still give past issues life, and it’s time to let go of them

Not the best day of offering up your opinion or others seeing things your way. So careful with your emotional self, because you could be determine to be right and thats not going to work either. Sometimes we have to plant the seed say are peace and let others fall on their face. You could feel restless or anxious with this energy. I suggest outside activities or exercising to help get rid of any extra energy that you are feeling.

For some this could be a good day for business with this energy. Watch your emotional self because it does dictate your money situation. For others of you, you could have a deeper understanding of certain situations. You have the ability to see whats going on underneath the surface with this energy. For some of you, you provide light energy to other people’s drama. For some of you this energy offer it’s own healing energy for you. To help you move on from past hurts

For some of you this is a great day for business with this energy. You are a straight shooter and you tend to call it like you see it. Some people in your life like your honesty. For some of you, try to stay out of other people’s business. Unless they ask for your opinion don’t be so quick to give unless ask. Try to be discpline with this energy especially in regards to dieting or escaping your problems


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