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Daily Aspects by Marie Moore

June 14, 2017

We still have planets in gemini opposing saturn, some of us need to get out of our dam heads and stay in the present. Still dealing with sensitive energy. Mercury trine jupiter, this energy benefits those in school. You could be more about your social at this time. For others of you going back to school seems to be priority or even updating yourself with your career. For others of you not the best period of time to be making decisions, you can be your own worst enemy with this energy. So careful with your decisions , you are more about your emotional life at this time with Mars in Cancer. For others you be careful what you are signing research everything you do at this time. Be about facts don’t get involve in get rich schemes. . Very easy target right now for scams. mercury square neptune not the best energy because your gullible , sensitive and more about your emotional life, get the hell out of your dam head and stay in the present. Be honest and open with others, we tend to exaggerate here and promise more than we can deliver. Not the best time to make important business decisions. For some of you looking for a job , think about it because at this time. They could be promising things they can’t or wont or this might not be the job for you . Definetly people trying to take advantage of others with this energy. For others of you delving into bad habits trying to escape reality 

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