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June 22, 2017


Expect some repercussions from your actions because you can be more aggressive with what you want. You can step on some toes today to get your way. Some people in your life maybe butt hurt about it because your more hungry and aggressive when it comes to money opportunities. So don’t get reactive because their being reactive on you. It’s best to do what you do best and go on to the next. Because if you react to them being butt hurt over something you did. That they wanted to do than it’s going to ruin your whole day. Be the mature one in the situation

You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. For some of you, you can be ambitious at this time and this can lead to opportunities with growth in career. For others of you, you say what you want and you receive it today. For others of you, you want to change so you create your path today , and begin to move forward with this energy. For others of you this is good news with home business, property matters, or getting along better with custody parent

Careful with this energy, because others are watching you. You tend to contradict yourself today. Or do as I say not as I do mentality. This can cause some questioning of your actions or being called out by others. Try to be consistent today with your word and actions because others are looking towards you to be the example. For some of you, you might not be getting along with those in authority or this can be power struggles in relationship. You can be demanding but somethings you can do yourself
There could be fights over who ‘s right and who’s wrong with this energy. Your trying to do things by the book, and be a perfectionist, but others see things differently. Sometimes we have to say our peace detach and allow someone else to tell the person that they are wrong. Sometimes this can take a while or they’ll just get fired because they’ve been told this. You do things your way and the right way , and allot others to get reprimanded . And say you try to tell them but they didn’t want to listen.

Stellium in your sixth house today. This energy brings about positive changes in your life, you can be in good spirits with this energy. Or receiving good news today with this energy.For others of you this is redoing , revisiting , or changing a system that no longer works for you or the way you do work.This can be powerstruggles with your children , parents or this can be you being closed minded and not on bored with what everyone wants to do . The people in your life may want you to go with them for the weekend, or do something that requires allot of activity. You might not be feeling like doing that or this can be them wanting you to come visit but you want to focus on your career, or you want to focus on other things that you have going on If you didn’t plan this like a month in advance chances are your not gong to do this

Strong forces are at work today. For some of you this can be a self realization of what you really want or help you reevaluate the path that you are on either spiritually or with career or even with relationships.For some of you this can be a popular energy time . You can find that others see things your way , or this is getting what you want from others. For some of you this is things work themselves out , and your able to feel more at peace

Change is happening today. This can be with siblings , neighbors or with media or social media. I feel that for some of you , it doesn’t involve you but your making it your business. Or things can come to blows with others because of differing of opinion. Or you may feel strongly about a certain situation, and others don’t agree with you. You could have some difficult choices to make that may be a bit unpopular so don’t expect everyone to be on board with your way of thinking.

For some of you, you can be butting heads with others or not seeing eye to on certain things. For others of you , you can be reevaluating certain relationships because you could be bored with the relationship or the person is not your type. Or this can be your emotional values are changing at this time. For some of you thoughts of mother can come up today. For others of you this is dealing with separation with mother. For others of you this is not getting along with the mother figure in your life

Its best that you stay out of other people’s drama. For some of you, you could see who your real friends our. Who ever has to leave your life at this time let them leave. For some of you this energy brings about endings and new beginnings. As you are looking to change something in your life at this time , or your way of doing things. Granted not everyone is going to agree with the changes you are making at this time but it’s for your own peace of mind

For some of you, your not ready for change or people in your life aren’t open to certain ideas or way of thinking. Sometimes we are there to plant the seed and allow someone else to come along and soe it. It’s okay that they don’t see your visions of things but soon they will. Possessing a strong opinion, you may be compelled to speak-and forced to listen.You need to keep humble with this energy. You could be look at to be in a position of power. For some of you the ball is in your court but also remember Saturn in your 12th house so keep it humble. And you can always say ,”NO” to this person that really does hurt they may not show but they will be upset

You have a stellium in your fifth house, for some of you this can be revisiting old projects, or you can reach out to old friends, or exs or uh ohs at this time. Or they can be reaching out to you. For some of you can have a difficult time letting go of your childhood hangs up or what you were taught on how a relationship should be. For some of you, you need to be more open minded because you are coming up on a deep transformative period.

For some of you, you are not so quick to do favors or things for free for others. You can be feeling jaded at this time , hang in there and stay in the present. For some of you, you can be more frugal with your money. For some of you this can be financial rewards because of money making ideas. For others of you this can be past efforts are paying off. For others this is making way for the new. I feel a positive turn of events are happening today


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