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June 25, 2017

You have a stellium in your second , you can be more about your emotional security and your comforts today. Your not so quick to make decisions and weigh all your options to see which benefits you the most. For others of you, you can have a difficult time facing your problems and wanting to escape today. For some of you, you benefit with north node in your fifth house. When you stay in the present and deal with your problems, or you are more about your reality

Watch your emotional self, you can take what others say personally, or you can’t take constructive criticism. Listen to whats being said, because it gives you an opportunity to change the emotional self. For some of you, this is not getting along with mother energy or a women in your life. So there can be power struggles. Because you believe your way is right or you just feel comfortable with doing things your way. You may need to change that

Watch your emotional self because it dictates your money situation today. For some of you this is a great time to receive good news. Especially when you tell others what it is that you want, than you shall receive. For others of you , you can be honest and help others see were they are wrong in certain situations. This is a great time for open communication and honest conversation. And you give it straight with no sugar, and people respond well to your honesty

You can be stuck in your way of doing things and there is no way for you to see other wise. I feel that in order for you to understand. You have to see the other person’s point of view, but your stubbornness tends to get in the way of all that. For some of you this energy brings about a turn of events with home life , a move , or with family members today. You might not be getting along with family at this time. So careful what you say to them

Watch your emotional self because it can affect your health. You can find that others may not value your opinion or it may feel that way. Sometimes we have to plant seeds and just allow someone else to come along and soe the seed. I do see powerstruggles today in regards to relationship because everyone wants to be heard. For some of you it’s your way or the highway, and that might not go to well

For some of you, you could have a feeling of being trapped in a situation or in a relationship. You are never trap you always have a choice. And some times those choices are very difficult because they mess with us because we don’t like change, or choose to stay because we are comfortable. Remember when your ready , you can always leave or change , it’s up too you. The energy can make you feel lethargic for some of you. For others of you, you have difficult choices to make in regards to relationships

Cock those brains before you shoot that mouth, because you can be reactive. Others may not appreciate your opinions or your way of doing things. Marriage or a committed relationship can be issue or a source of problems for you. Or people in your life could be getting you involved in their drama.For some of you, it’s having a more honest open line of communication with others. And for some this is making difficult decisions. For others of you, this is slowing down your reactive self and thinking about possible solutions for your problems.It’s best today to get a second opinion to help you with certain problems you are going through. To help you see clearly .

For some of you, you have this beautiful ability to see things differently and to think outside the box. You have an easier time to get you out of any dellium or trouble that you are in . For some of you, you could have a difficult time changing other people’s outlook or looking at things. Sometimes we have to show people, and others time you just have to let them be. Because I feel these people might be scared to change. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make drink. Let others do what they are going to do

For some of you this is a great time for learning new things, getting into a school, receiving a license, or passing an exam today. For some of you this energy places you in a role of teacher, mentor or in a place of authority. For some of you the ball is in your court and you can be calling the shots.For some of you, congrats this can be baby coming up or something life altering happening in your life. For others of you this can be second chances with relationships. For some of you, you could be asked to get along with someone that you don’t gel with .

This is a beautiful time to receive good news with court. For some of you this is something new coming into your life, like relationship or even your dating life could pick up. For others of you this is changing something about your emotional self, or working on yourself.For some of you, you are being asked to stop doing certain things. Or you may want to start minimizing how much time you spend on doing certain habits. That are no longer working for you

Change is happening for some of you, you do have people that support you , and help you grow. Right now your going through change and you can’t see the changes right now or this week , or this month. But soon you’ll see it happen. Your going through thorough changes in your life right now. Others do have your back and are taking notice. Don’t get frustrated you are going through a process.

Today your turning a corner with career, business or with media or social. This corner your turning is for the better. For some of you definitely expect the unexpected today, you could be pleasantly surprise. OR you may have to step back and see the big picture. Other people may see how to help you out , and you may not agree. Go with their idea because it’s probably the right idea. And when other people have a different way of doing things that you don’t agree. The majority the time it works, especially when it comes from family or friends because they know you best


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